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Bath Co, KY - Marriage Bonds

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Bath Co, Ky - Marriage Register

Groom/bride Date Book Page County St

Stamper Richard 13 Jul 1848 Bath Ky
Myers Mary Ann B. Shelton Thos

Stamper Samuel 29 Aug 1838 Bath Ky
Lock Marian P B Wm Richard Lock

Stamper Thomas F 24 Mar 1828 Bath Ky
Roston Nancy B. John Roston

Stamper Richard ..... No Info Given Bath Ky

Stamper Washington 28 Mar 1838 Bath Ky
Etchison Margaret B. Charles Jones

Shanklins J. N. 31 Aug 1848 Bath Ky
Stamper Marian B. James Lock

Taylor Ben 03 Mar 1827 Bath Ky
Stamper Sally P B. John Stamper

Family Groups

Richard Stamper (Born When And Where?) Died 1826; Married to

Sarrh (....); at Least Two Known Children; Male; Thomas Ai And

Female; Nancy Born 1800 in Ky Snd Married to John W. White

John Stamper Born Circa 1783 Ky; Married Nancy (....) Who Was

Born Cr 1787 in Va; Four Known Children; Mary Born 1808 in Ky;

Nancy Born 1820 in Ky; Elizabeth Born 1822 in Ky; And Sally P.

Born (When?) And Married 3 Mar 1827 to Ben Taylor

Samuel A. Stamper Son of John And Nancy Stamper Born Ca. 1820-

1830; Died Mar 1846 Bath Co Ky; Married 29 Aug 1838 to Marian

P. Lock, Daughter of Richard Lock. (She Later Married to J. N.

Shanklin 31 Jul 1848 Bath Co.); Known Children of Sam and Marian;

Richard M. Born 1838 in Ky; John; and Samuel 

Compiled by Martha Stamper of Frankfort, KY for publication in the Stamper Stage Family Quarterly, March 1979. This comprehensive report contains many different source records and deviates from the web page format (separating source record types by type, location, and years), but is presented here exactly as was originally published. 
 Groom Bride  Date  Bondsman 
 Stamper Richard Myers Mary Ann  13 Jul 1848  B. Shelton Thos 
 Stamper Samuel  Lock Marian P  29 Aug 1838  B. Wm ' Richard Lock
 Stamper Thomas F  Roston Nancy 24 Mar 1828  B.. John Roston 
Stamper Richard  No Info Given     
Stamper Washington  Etchison Margaret  28 Mar 1838   B. Charles Jones
 Stamper Marian Shanklins, J. N  31 Aug 1848  B. James Lock 
Stamper Sally   Taylor Ben  83 Mar 1827 B. John Stamper 
***Re: date in last entry....'83' must be a typo. Anyone with correction; please let me know. Thanks, GF
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