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Middlesboro Daily News, Middlesboro, Kentucky, March 10, 1923

Hung Jury in Bige Bingham Trial

Seven for Acquittal, Five for Conviction - Court to Middlesboro Next Week

PINEVILLE, Mar 10 - A hung jury seven voting for acquital and five for conviction, is the result of the trial of Bige Bingham charged with the murder of John Stamper, July 28, 1921, at the corner of the Star Store in Pineville. The trial has lasted practically the whole week, but the completion of testimony was accomplished Thursday afternoon. The arguments were made by Judge J G Rollins of Pineville and H H Owens of Barbourville, for the defense and James Golden and J J Tuggle of Barbourville for the commonwealth. It was late Thursday afternoon before the case got to the jury and at 2:30 Friday afternoon, they reported that they could not agree.

Bingham's defense was based on an alibi, and the defense attempted to prove by Bingham and other witnesses that he was in a Ford sedan at the Narrows, when the fight occurred which ended young Stamper's life, and in which Jack Gilbert was killed, and Buster Roberts, then chief of Police was wounded. The state sought to prove that Bingham shot Stamper five times after he had already been wounded, and had fallen to the ground.


Middlesboro Daily News, Middlesboro, Kentucky, March 12, 1923

Bige Bingham Trial, Just Over, Cost State $752

PINEVILLE, March 12 - The trial of Bige Bingham, who is charged with the murder of John Stamper, cost the state $752.00 according to the circuit clerk. The jury and witness fees amounted to $605 and other expenses made the total $147 besides the delay and congestion caused, by the weeks trial.

The fact that the jury could not agree, seven voting for acquittal and five for conviction, will necessitate a new trial, which will be called during the May term of court.

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