Stamper Family

 The Paducah Evening Sun
Page 5 / February 22, yr? (If anyone knows; please share:- )

Feudist Battle
One Man Killed and Two Wounded in Knott County

Sergeant, Ky., Feb 22, -- Telephone advices from Cordia, Knott county, give details of a feud battle between members of the Smith and Stamper factions early this morning, in which Jasper Smith, member of the Smiths, was killed, and William Stamper, known as 'Bad Bill', was shot. He will perhaps not survive the day. Jack Stamper, Jr, aged 30, was seriously wounded, being shot twice in the left thigh. The factions have been at outs for several years, being frequently engaged in open warfare. No arrests have been made. (N68078)

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