Stamper Family Project

 Stamper Marriages in Wolfe County, Kentucky

Part 1

A.H. Stamper
Alice Wells
Oct. 5, 1917

Arlie Stamper single 21 s/o McClelland Stamper and Amanda
Effie Bowman single 18 d/o Liberty Bowman
Sept. 21, 1927

Asa Stamper single 23 s/o Bruce Stamper
Annie Rose single 23 d/o Elijah Rose
Oct. 18, 1919

Berly Stamper 22 s/o R.L. and Bertie/Bethe? Stamper
Eunice King 21 d/o Robert King and Nannie
July 8, 1926

Carl Stamper single 19 s/o M.C. Stamper
Maudie Stamper single 19 d/o J.A. Stamper
Dec. 7, 1919

Charles Stamper single 19 s/o Carl Stamper and Rosa (Wells)
June Adams single 21 d/o Crayton Adams and Pearl
Dec. 14, 1939

Claude Stamper single 25 s/o Will Stamper and Mary
Mollie Fugate single 21 d/o Zack Fugate and Betty
July 14, 1928

Clay Stamper single 23 s/o H.H. Stamper and Mary
Ethel Swango single 17 d/o Shiloh Swango and Ida
Jan. 8, 1920

C.C. Stamper s/o H.H. and Mary Stamper
Lizzie Russell d/o
Dec. 8, 1920

Chester Stamper 25 s/o Boone Stamper and Mida Stamper
Lillie Ratliff 24 d/o Miles Ratliff and Fannie
Feb. 9, 1937

F.J. Stamper widow 42 s/o L.G. Stamper
Mooda Oldfield widow 23 d/o B.C. and Lou A. Oldfield
Jan. 29, 1923

If you can supply the full names and the surnames of mother's please post


Stamper Marriages in Wolfe County Kentucky

Part 2

Fred Stamper single 21 s/o Mort Stamper and Nannie
Golden Handy single 15 d/o George Handy and Elizabeth
Dec. 20, 1927

G.B. Stamper divorced 47 s/o Wm. Stamper and Rachel
Nannie B. Miller widow 31 d/o O.W. Miller and Elizabeth
Sept. 8, 1915

George S. Stamper single 20 s/o Will Stamper
Iris Lawson single 16 d/o Joe Brewer and June
April 28, 1923

J.C. Stamper 27 s/o H.S. and Mary Stamper
Emma Tibbs 22 d/o Willie Tibbs
Oct. 21, 1926

J.C. Stamper 21 s/o Henry and Mary Stamper
Opal Lykins 19 d/o Leebern and Arminta Lykins
Feb. 11, 1920

John Stamper
Lula May King
May 1, 1917

J.W. Stamper divorced 65 s/o Thomas Stamper and Elizabeth
Alva Hollon single d/o Abe Hollon & Polly
Jan. 29, 1932

Kelly Stamper 27 s/o Mort Stamper and Nannie
Lula Brewer 16 d/o Tom Brewer and Lula Brown
Dec. 31, 1921

Kelly Stamper single 22 s/o Mort Stamper and Nannie
Lula Brown single 16 d/o Tom Brown and Lula
Dec. 31, 1926

Leslie Stamper
Lillie Wheatly
Sept. 6, 1913


Stamper Marriages in Wolfe County Kentucky

Part 3

Lloyd Stamper 22 s/o J.W. & Laura Stamper
Grace Day 18 d/o Judge & Maxine Day
May 20, 1926

Marion Stamper 21 s/o Tom Stamper & Frances Coldiron
Ethel O'Hair 18 d/o Tom and Victory O'Hair
Sept. 22, 1933

Marion Stamper 30 s/o Thomas Stamper & Frances Coldiron
Lora Bailey 24 d/o Howard Bailey & Emma Elam
Dec. 31, 1942

Marion Stamper divorced 26 s/o F.F. & Frances Stamper
Alma Clark single d/o John & Calla Clark
Jan. 9, 1940

Oliver Stamper 20 s/o H.S. & Mary Stamper
Nora Peyton 19 d/o Green & Senie Peyton
April 2, 1925

Oliver Stamper 21 single s/o G.A. & E.S. Stamper
Virgie Culbertson single 16 d/o J.H. Culbertson (mother deceased)
Mar. 30, 1932

Reece Stamper 24 s/o H.S. & Mary Stamper
Esther Lovelace 21 d/o Geo. Lovelace & Annie Lykins
Nov. 20, 1920

Robert Stamper widowed 24 s/o Dillard Stamper & Nancy
Minnie Pence single 27 d/o Phelix [Felix} Pence & Elizabeth
Jan. 31, 1920

Roy Stamper divorced 24 s/o Raleigh and Lula Stamper
Anna McCoy single 21 d/o At? McCoy & (mother not given)
Nov. 7, 1940

Russell Stamper single 24 s/o Leslie Stamper & Lillie [Wheatley]
Elma Lane single 23 d/o Abel Lane & (mother not given)
Dec. 24, 1938


Stamper Marriages in Wolfe County Kentucky

Part 4

Talmage Stamper single 21 s/o Bruce Stamper and Laura
Myrtie Napier single 18 d/o Elijah Napier and Dulcenia
Dec. 18, 1921

T.F. Stamper
Janie Halsey
Sept. 24, 1917

Thomas Stamper single 19 s/o Will Stamper
Myrtle Peck single 20 d/o W.J. Peck
Mar. 25, 1919

Thomas Stamper divorced 22 s/o William Stamper and Sarah Belle
Ollie Mannin single 19 d/o E.E. Mannin & Lou
Aug. 31, 1921

Troy Stamper s/o Mort and Nannie Stamper
Elsie May 32 d/o Howard and Sarah Tutt
June 12, 1934

W.H. Stamper
Martha Taulbee
July 12, 1917

Zollie Stamper single 19 s/o M.C. & Ruth Stamper
Gladys Taulbee single 18 d/o Morton and Effie Taulbee
Feb. 15, 1940

Charles Stamper single 19 s/o Carl Stamper and Rosa [Wells]
June Adams single 21 d/o Crayton Adams & Pearl
Dec. 14, 1939

Chester Stamper 25 s/o Boone Stamper and Mida Stamper
Lillie Ratliff 24 d/o Miles Ratliff and Fannie
Feb. 9, 1937

These are all the Stamper (male) marriages I have copied 1940 and before.
Not sure if I should post those after 1940.

This is not a complete list of Wolfe Stamper Marriages, there are still a few
left to be copied.

I haven't been able to get to Wolfe for about 2 and 1/2 years, the others
will have to wait till I retire.

You can purchase micro-film of Wolfe County marriages from the Kentucky
Archives in Frankfort. The last I heard from them they had up to about 1950
on film. The only thing you have to buy several films, each film only has
about two years on them. I have forgotten the price, but think they are
about $10.00 to
$15.00 each. Price could have gone up, as everything else does. I copied
most of these marriages from the Marriages books in the Courthourse.

I also found on several marriages, the minister's return did not match the


Wolfe County Kentucky Stamper Marriages

Part 5

Tressie Stamper single 22 d/o Mort Stamper and Nannie
Jeff Peck single 29 s/o Jack Peck & Malissa
July 29, 1924

Bryan Edwards single 21 s/o Grover Edwards and Nannie L.
Della Stamper single 20 d/o Mort Stamper & Nannie
April 30, 1929 Lic only

Dennie Faulkner 25 s/o John & Matilda Faulkner
Mae Stamper 19 d/o Mort & Nannie Stamper
Mar. 11, 1937

I show:
Lewis Green Stamper b. Jan. 29, 1848 d. March 16, 1937 buried Stamper Cem.
md. Lou Ann Lawson b. May 20, 1853 d. Apr. 7, 1929 buried Stamper Cem.
their son

James Mort Stamper b. 1874 d. 1964 md. Nancy Hollon b. 1877 d. 1961
their children (Nancy not listed in Clay Hollons book on the Hollons)
Ova Stamper b. 1898
Troy Stamper b. Feb. 17, 1900 d. Dec. 28, 1973 buried O'Hair Cem. md. Elsie
Fulks/Fultz b. nov. 1, 1901
Elmer Stamper b. 1901
Gracie Stamper b. July 20, 1902 per Vital Stats
Tressie Stamper b. 1903
Kelly Green Stamper b. Mar. 26, 1903 md. Lula Brewer b. 1905 d/o Thomas
and Margaret Lou Culbertson (per son J.B. Stamper)
Fred Stamper b. 1907 m.Golden Omega Handy
Della Stamper b.1908 md. Bryan Edward
Bettie Stamper b. 1909
Maxine Stamper b.Nov. 15, 1916 per birthIndex
Virgel Stamper b.Oct. 5, 1920 per birth index

Margaret M. Hayes in her research shows:
Ova G., Elmer, Troy, Tressie, Kelly G., Feddie, Della, Bettie, Andy, Walter,
and Clarissa (Mae must be the missing child)

I have two marriages for Kelly Green and suspect there were two marriages and
I misread the Brown for Brewer.

Corrections and additions are always welcome.

Golden, tell J.B. I said hello and my co-workers and I really enjoyed his
snake story in last week's News.


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