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This project is dedicated to maintaining genealogical information about our Stamper / Breathitt County, KY connecting families.
It is an ONGOING EFFORT. Information you can add / correct contributes to the benefit of all family researchers.
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This directory serves for the Stamper Family Project; as well as the Breathitt County, KyGenWeb website.


 Click 'HERE' for the first generation of Jonathan Stamper and Rachel Parks.
The eight children of Jonathan Stamper and wife, Rachel Parks are listed below.
Please check your data; and share any corrections or additions. Thanks!
 James Stamper and wife,
Sarah (Moore)
Joshua Stamper and wife,
Jane 'Jennie' Woodward
 Joel Stamper and wife,
Nancy Cannady
Jonathan Stamper and wife,
Mary 'Polly' Davis
 Jesse Stamper and wife,
Barbara DeVait
Jacob Stamper and wife,
1 - Susannah; 2 - Judy Peake
 Martha Stamper and husband,
Jesse Toliver
Susannah Stamper and husband,
John Pleasant Burton

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Do you know your parents? Have you heard the story of your grandparents? Do you know how their experiences affect your life?

A family tree is a family relationship diagram like a tree, which contains all family members. It lets people know the blood relationship between themselves and their families and relatives, and the role of the family tree Knowing the history of your grandparents will help you know who you are today. Trace back to the source, record now, write your own family tree according to the following five simple steps.


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Write down what you remember about your family, especially the date and place of birth, marriage and death. The latter will play an important role in future field research. You may also be able to draw a simple family tree. This will remind you of what you already know and what you still want to know.


2、 Interview family

The existing family members are the treasure house of knowledge. Start with your parents and their siblings, and then interview your grandparents if you can. If your grandparents can still remember their ancestors, you will have the opportunity to contact the family history of more than 100 years. You can record the interview if it is convenient. This information is not only conducive to your future research, but also can be passed on to future generations as a legacy. But remember to label it so you can find it.

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3、 Look for physical clues

"Family like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one".

Look through the drawers and boxes, and you may be surprised at what you find.

Photos are also very important props. Talk to relatives to see if they can identify the people in the photos. Write down your name, scan your photos, and label them. Finally, and most importantly, ask your family, relatives and clansmen if they have a genealogy.


4、 Draw family tree

A family tree is a map of ancestral relationships. It may take time, so you have to be willing to pay to have results.

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Memory is blurred by time, so verification is very important. It is often a good idea to check names and dates with official records. Many birth, marriage and death certificates are now available. You can try to go to the local archives and libraries.

In addition to local resources, online resources, books, magazines or newspapers may also provide practical help. It should be noted that the library also has a large collection of genealogies and local chronicles. Library leaders once said that one in five Chinese people can actually find their own family tree.

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