Stamper Family Project

 The three pictures below were given to me by Ella Stamper Case from Estill County, Kentucky a few months ago. Ella's Stamper information can be found on page 37 of 'Eastern Kentucky Stamper Kin: Some Descendants of James, Jonathan and Joel Stamper'.


Taken ca 1912 at Cobb Hill in Estill County, Kentucky

Edward Stamper, Jr and Minnie Pearl (Rogers) Stamper

Edward is seated next to Floyd; while Minnie is holding Ella



Brothers and sister.

Edward, Jr is standing; while Elsberry and Susie are seated. The are children of Edward Stamper and Matilda Turner of Estill County, KY



Taken ca 1912; probably at Flinchum Ridge, Estill County, KY

Seated: Greenberry and Matilda 'Turner' Stamper. Greenberry was the s/o Edward Stamper, Sr. Matilda is holding Bertha Stamper

Standing: Elsberry, Susie and Ella Stamper

Elsberry and Susie are brother/sister; while Ella was the niece.

Standing in front is Floyd Stamper ... yes, that's a dress!

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