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Pictures shared by Dorothy O Garza

I recently looked at some old photo's of my uncles'. There was a picture in the pile that really looked interesting. It was from about 1900; a family of 5 posed. He could not remember who the people were.

Since they were my grandmothers pictures I thought it could very well be Stampers. To me it favored some of the Stampers of Fillmore, Kentucky; especially one of my father's cousins who visited years ago called Bill Stamper.

I am related to Emma Ogans, (my grandmother). Her mother was Fannie Deaton married to John Stamper on Sept. 5, 1895 (Fillmore Ky). I am forwarding this picture on to you. Maybe someone would know who it was.

Dorothy (Ogans) Garza

Ezekiel McGlone and his wife, Hannah (Erwin) McGlone, b.1846, Carter Co KY, the d/o Thomas Jackson Erwin and his wife, Martha "Patsy" Stamper, d/o "Pewter John" Stamper, and his wife, Sarah "Sallie" Stamper, d/o William "Tater Bill" Stamper and his wife Emily Polly.

Courtesy of Randall Holbrook (1998)

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