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Pictures shared by Golden Combs Ferguson

John Wesley Stamper

Elijah Stamper
s/o Jonathan and Nancy Turner Stamper; b Sept 1, 1840 and d Apr 29, 1919. He was married 1 to Agnes Turner; 2 to Nancy Bowling. s/o John Wesley Stamper and Nancy Bowling; b ca 1894; d Sept 30, 1982 KY. He was married to Amanda Amis b Feb 18, 1904 in Perry Co, KY; d Nov 1946 



This was 'Lige's store for many, many years. I have many fond memories of this place as a child. It is on Rt 28 between Booneville and Buckhorn, KY. 'Lige's son, Ed built a store down the road just a few yards from this one. His store closed a year ago this past December; and had been in operation for many years also.......

Morris Fork Presbyterian Church 






Courtesy of Golden Combs Ferguson

Pearl and Lydia Gilbert Stamper

Pearl is the s/o Wm Stamper and Jennie Belle Spicer; and grs/o John Wesley Stamper and Agnes Turner.

Lydia is the d/o Kenis Gilbert and Loudemia Riley; and the grd/o Jackson Gilbert and Lydia Fox


The picture to the right is my two great grandmothers ....

Jennie Belle Spicer, d/o Andrew Jackson Spicer and Mary Watts; md to William Stamper, s/o Jonathan Stamper and Nancy Turner ....... and

Loudemia Riley, d/o John Riley and Lydia Fox; and md to Kenis Gilbert, s/o Andrew Jackson Gilbert and Lydia Fox

This is the only picture ever of them taken together.


Jennie Belle and Loudemia 

I have the original picture; but the one I am using here was sent to me by Pam Stamper Fitch .... Thanks Pam!!
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