Stamper Family Project

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Page... 1 Stamper marker; Family of Marion Stamper
Page... 2 Elisabeth Betsy Stamper; wife of Monroe Rufus White
Page... 3, 4, 5, 6 The Collection of Dr Thomas and Kaye Fearneyhough
Page... 7 George W Stamper; and wife, Catherine Dyer Stamper
Page... 8 Four Generations of Stampers
Page... 9 Family of Margaret 'Maggie' Stamper Lackey 
Page.. 10 Elbert Granville Stamper
Page.. 11 Help; Ezekial McGlone; & wife, Hannah Erwin McGlone
Page.. 12

Robert Stamper; Louisa 'Eliza' Stamper

America Arrowood Stamper Yarber and Lucinda 'Sinda' Arrowood Roberts

Louisa 'Turner' Arrowood and Polly Ann Bowling Stamper

Page.. 13 John Bowling Stamper and Eliza Lewis 
Page.. 14 Evaline Stamper and Enoch Watts 
Page.. 15

John Wesley Stamper; Elijah Stamper

The 'old' store; Morris Fork Presbyterian Church

Pearl and Lydia Gilbert Stamper, my grandparents

Page.. 16

Collection owned by William Charles Stamper

Martha Ellen Moore with Billy and Dorene

Page.. 17 Robert Boyd Stamper; ___ and Robert Boyd Stamper
Page.. 18 William C & Vernetta Ester Hunnicut Stamper; children
Page.. 19, 20  Family pictures of Johnie A & Fannie Deaton Stamper
Page.. 21  Family pictures of Johnie A & Fannie Deaton Stamper
Page.. 22  Madison 'Bad Mat' Stamper
Page.. 23  Edmond "Ebb" Stidham, Sarah "Sally" (Stamper) Stidham, and their son Jeremiah Stidham.
Page.. 24 Markers for Calvin and Elizabeth (Higgenbotham) Stamper; and Mark Goodwin, uncle of Elizabeth
Page.. 25 Crosthwaite Church, Keswick, Cumberland Co, England 
Page.. 26 Family Photos shared by Patricia Pearson Hazlett
Page.. 27 Joel, Jr and Matilda Helton; with daughter, Mary Polly
Page..28 Group picture (with Asa Stamper)
Page..29  Family photos shared by Ginny Barnes
Page..30  Family photos shared by John Wesley Stamper
Page..31 Family photos shared by Derre Maybury
Page..32 Edward and Matilda Turner Stamper ... 3 pictures
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