Stamper Family Project

 2003 Stamper Family Reunion 2003

Hindman, Knott County, Kentucky


Charles and Virginia Lowe

Charles, Jr and Linda Lowe

From Pikeville, Pike County, KY


Evaline Stamper; Exalee Stamper and Anna Stamper Smith


Janallee Stamper Mullins; and James A Stamper (brother/sister)

From Dwarf, Perry County, KY


Mallie Stamper Fugate, Virginia Stamper Lowe, Sandy Fogle, and Paul Gayheart


Catina Eichhorn, Nikki Cornelius, Breanna Fuller and Rebecca Fuller

From Crystal River, Florida


Mr and Mrs Jim Ferguson; Krista, Brandy and Kelsey

From Clay Center, Kansas


John Wesley Stamper, Sr with son and daughter ... John Wesley, Jr and Ashley

From West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida


Kathryn Stamper .. (John's sister) along with her children ... Christopher, Stephen and Stephanie

From Auburndale, Florida


Maxline Stamper Combs and myself ... Golden Combs Ferguson

Mom lives in Breathitt; I live in Owsley County, KY

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The Stamper Family Project is the property of

Golden Combs Ferguson
Booneville, Owsley County, Kentucky