Stamper Family Project

Burgess Family

L-R..Row 1 Nicholas Aubrey, ___, Christina Aubrey; Row 2 Judy Burgess, Robin Aubrey, Nina; Row 3 Rusty Aubrey (in black top), Jessica Burgess, Bill Bowers, Diana Burgess; Row 4 (standing) Mary Frances Berriger (red), Rena (blue), Back row Steven E Baser, Bridget Aubrey, Eugene Aubrey, Kathy ___, Rodney Eugene Aubrey, James Robert Burgess

Rena Stamper Bowers is the dau of Victor Sumpter Stamper and Mary Francis Barringer.

Courtesy of Rena Bowers, Louiville, KY

 Margaret Stamper Bickers

Dau of Charlie Stamper; grdau of Logan Stamper

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