Stamper Family Project

Pictures shared by John Wesley Stamper



Sydney Stamper, son of John Wesley and Fannie Mae Willis Stamper 


 Ora Stamper


Emoline Horn; wife of Richard Stamper 


Ora Stamper





  From left to right

Louise Eileen Stamper, daughter of John Wesley and Cora Lane Stamper;

Iva Marie Hostetler, wife of Kella Roosevelt Stamper;

Bessie Jeanette Holloday, wife of Ora Stamper;

Sally, wife of Bill Morris Stamper; and

Cora Delina Lane, wife of John Wesley Stamper.

Kella, Ora and Morris are children of John Wesley and Fannie Willis Stamper

This is my grandmother, Kathryn Maxine Cox with my dad, Max Leroy Stamper.Kathryn was Mack Wesley Stamper's first wife. She died giving birth to my uncle, Max Eugene Stamper

Max Leroy Stamper in 1963 



 Dean and Pat Stamper

Dean is the son of Ora Stamper

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