Stamper Family Project

Some Breathitt County Stampers

shared by Patricia Pearson Hazlett

(My mother was Edith Stamper, d/o
Curt Stamper, s/o Jackson Stamper).


Henry Turner and Bettie


Wesley Turner, Haney and Julia


Nancy Bowling Turner Stamper



Jackson and Alice Turner Stamper

I think that Henry Turner and Wesley Turner were uncles to Malinda 'Aunt Sis' Turner who married Elisha Sebastian. Elisha and Malinda were Ruther Sebastian and Haney Sebastian's parents; who, of course were Arva, Litha and Julia's parents. The reason I think that Henry and Wesley were uncles to Malinda Turner is because Malinda Turner's father was Henderson Turner (md to Susan Sebastian) and Henry and Wesley had a brother named Henderson. Would like to know more about this line of Turners...... PPH


I think this is a picture of Arvie Sebastian, Litha Sebastian Stamper's sister. I don't know who she was married to; but think it was a Turner. They always called her 'big Arvie' because their sister Julie named one of her daughters Arvie. The boy may be Arvie's son, Archie (who was deaf); and I think the young girl is my mother, Edith Stamper Pearson.



Curt Stamper


This is a picture of Edgar Stamper, son of Curt Stamper and Litha Sebastian


Curt and Litha Sebastian Stamper


Hiley Stamper Sebastian, Curt Stamper and Rose Stamper Johnson in the early 1970's. I think this was the day of my grandmother Litha Stamper's funeral. Hiley and Rose's husbands had already passed away at this time......PPH


This is a picture of my mother, Edith Stamper Pearson and my father, Erman Pearson. On my mother's lap is my brother, Doyle; my sister, Phyllis in the middle; and I am on the right. ...... PPH


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