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These Cemetery Listings were provided, free of charge, December 6, 1998, through the generosity of Don Meenach, Circleville, OH, <>, who is not a member or even a Stamper researcher.

 Stamper, A.J. 1854-1940 Grayson
Stamper, Ada w/Dewitt Dec 7,1892-Mar 18,1988 Bethel
Stamper, Aerma Kathleen Apr 16,1920-Jun ,1921 Stewart
Stamper, Albert Jan 17,1876-Mar 26,1943 Bethel
Stamper, Alice Apr 23,1885-Jan 11,1946 Littleton
Stamper, Amanda 1867-1932 Stewart
Stamper, Amos Jan 5,1872-Mar 25,1957 Bethel
Stamper, Anna McGlone w/John L. 1892-19?? Richardson
Stamper, Anna McGlone w/Elmer 1892-1927 Richardson
Stamper, Annie B. d/J.D.& J.D. Oct 22,1895-Oct 27,1895 Everman
Stamper, Annie B. d/J.D.&H.E. Oct 22,1895-Oct 27,1895 Everman
Stamper, Annie Rayburn Sep 12,1871-Feb 8,1908 Walnut Grove
Stamper, Arthur 1884- Glancy Fork
Stamper, Bert 1890-1947 Stewart
Stamper, Bertha 1903-1984 Garvin Ridge
Stamper, Bill Dec 7,1883-Sep 25,1965 Manning
Stamper, Billy J. h/Jo Ann Nov 18,1942- Bethel
Stamper, Billy Ray no dates Amey
Stamper, Brenda 1956-1956 Rice/Queen
Stamper, Brenda Frances Jul 25,1949-Nov 22,1968 Fultz
Stamper, C. W. 1875-1955 Bethel
Stamper, Calvin (uncle) Jan 11,1926-Aug 28,1985 Bethel
Stamper, Calvin h/Emma Jan 20,1865-May 31,1944 Bethel
Stamper, Charles 1937-1938 Adkins
Stamper, Charles s/Henry Jan 23,1917-Jan 27,1917 A.Henderson
Stamper, Charlie h/Vergie Oct22,1908- Pleasant Valley
Stamper, Christina w/Washington 1859-1941 Bethel
Stamper, Clarence Emery Aug 17,1904-Feb 21,1908 Bethel
Stamper, Clayton Pvt. U. S. Army W W II
Stamper, Clayton 1926-1984 Bethel
Stamper, Cloa E. 1901-1963 Bethel
Stamper, Cora A. w/Joseph 1878-1947 Bethel
Stamper, Cora Mar 15,1898-Dec 15,1974 Manning
Stamper, Dennis 1874-19 Bowen Chapel
Stamper, Dewey h/Ola Apr 17,1900-Feb 12,1987 Bethel
Stamper, Dewitt h/Ada Apr 28,1891-May 11,1965 Bethel
Stamper, Earl Jul 10,1916-Oct 1,1921 Manning
Stamper, Earl s/Henry Mar 12,1918-Oct 30,1918 A.Henderson
Stamper, Edith d/W.A.&Victoria Jul 25,1907-Dec 20,1908 Everman
Stamper, Edward Wylie Apr 5,1927-Apr 6,1927 Bethel
Stamper, Effie M. 1903-1971 Bethel
Stamper, Eileen K. Sep 12,1917-Feb 20,1989 Adkins
Stamper, Eli Jun 15,1837- Rice/Queen
Stamper, Elizabeth Nov 26,1847-May 1,1915 Everman
Stamper, Ella Jun 15,1882-Nov 23,1920 Bocook Farm
Stamper, Elmer h/Anna Sep 28,1887-Apr 28,1966 Richardson
Stamper, Emma w/Calvin Apr 5,1870- Bethel
Stamper, Ernest 1896-1920 Bethel
Stamper, Estelle 1915-1987 Bethel
Stamper, Ethel 1891-19?? Stewart
Stamper, Ethel 1911-1988 Bethel
Stamper, Etta 1874-1963 Everman
Stamper, Eunice Jun 20,1875-May 3,1963 Everman
Stamper, Everett h/Hazel Nov 11,1910-May 30,1991 Pleasant Valley
Stamper, Florence Offill Jan 20,1916-Aug 17,1992 Pleasant Valley
Stamper, Frank 1897-1971 Bethel
Stamper, G. W. 1896- Bethel
Stamper, George A. 1880-1961 Bethel
Stamper, George W. WW I 1896-1983 Bethel
Stamper, George W. 1855-1951 Manning
Stamper, Goldia d/Jake&Sarah Oct 6,1905-Oct 7,1909 Manning
Stamper, Goldie M. Jan 22,1917-Aug 31,1931 Richardson
Stamper, Gracie Jun 7,1901-Sep 26,1995 Garvin Ridge
Stamper, Grant May 27,1880-Dec 24,1908 Everman
Stamper, Green h/Jane May 14,1855-May 23,1911 Manning
Stamper, Hattie F. d/W.P.&N.B. Oct 3,1881-Sep 21,1890 Owens
Stamper, Hazel d/Henry Mar 14,1903-Mar 10,1904 A.Henderson
Stamper, Hazel H. w/Everett May30,1919- Pleasant Valley
Stamper, Henry Feb 9,1880-Jun 12,1957 Manning
Stamper, Henry Jun 11,1882-Oct 20,1918 A.Henderson
Stamper, Howard s/J.B.&Amanda Apr ,1865-Feb 20,1912 Stewart
Stamper, I.D. Jr. Jan 21,1914-May 12,1930 Everman
Stamper, Inf./Margaret&Washington Dec 6,1874-Dec 11,1874 Bethel
Stamper, Infant d/Elwood & Violet B & D Mar ,1928 Bethel
Stamper, Infant s/Harlan & Florence 1935 Everman
Stamper, Isaac D. Sr. Feb 3,1875-Dec 18,1941 Everman
Stamper, J. Patton 1861-1949 Stewart
Stamper, J. Wheeler 1893-1977 Bethel
Stamper, Jack Infant no stone Fultz
Stamper, Jack no stone Fultz
Stamper, Jackson Mar 30,1827-Nov 17,1900 Bethel
Stamper, James Alvin Dec 2,1968-Dec 4,1968 Fultz
Stamper, James C. Mar 3,1899-Sep 9,1924 Everman
Stamper, James G. Oct 26,1918-Nov 3,1918 Everman
Stamper, James h/Jannoah Sep 3,1865-Sep 8,1940 Bethel
Stamper, James R. 1913-1960 Bethel
Stamper, Jannoah w/James Jul 28,1870-Oct 12,1921 Bethel
Stamper, Jesse Mar 28,1903-Sep 13,1981 Crisp
Stamper, Jesse Oct 23,1893-Sep 27,1963 Garvin Ridge
Stamper, Jo Ann w/Billy Mar 18,1945- Bethel
Stamper, John 1903- Bethel
Stamper, John h/Sarah no dates Bethel
Stamper, John L. h/Anna 1885-1957 Richardson
Stamper, John Willard Apr 6,1879-Oct 7,1917 Bethel
Stamper, Joseph h/Cora 1872-1943 Bethel
Stamper, Julia 1858-1940 Grayson
Stamper, Leah S. 1865-1903 Manning
Stamper, Lenora Q. 1889-1987 Bethel
Stamper, Leonard 1907-1918 Buckler
Stamper, Leslie s/J.D.&H.E. Apr 21,1902 Everman
Stamper, Letha 1900-1984 Berhel
Stamper, Lodena d/W.M.&N. Feb 16,1862-May 10,1883 Bethel
Stamper, Lodena Mae 1900-1977 Walnut Grove
Stamper, Lola Apr 14,1910-Sep 4,1910 Bethel
Stamper, Malinda d/Wm&Nancy Jun 24,1861-Nov 19,1861 Bethel
Stamper, Margaret w/Washington Apr 27,1846-Feb 16,1874 Bethel
Stamper, Marnie d/S.B.&Eunice Jan 7,1899-Jun 11,1901 Everman
Stamper, Martha E. 1838-1900 Bethel
Stamper, Mary Abigail Buckler Jan 26,1872-Apr 7,1914 Buckler
Stamper, Mary d/S.M.&E. Nov 15,1865-Jan 12,1885 Bethel
Stamper, Mary E. 1858-1944 Denton
Stamper, Mary Jan 19,1855-May 11,1880 Bethel
Stamper, Mildred 1924- Bethel
Stamper, Minnie P. 1899-1948 Grayson
Stamper, Mollie Gee Oct 19,1885-Mar 14,1965 Gee
Stamper, Nancy B. w/William Mar 7,1863- Bethel
Stamper, Nancy E. w/William Aug 4,1844-Dec 25,1861 Bethel
Stamper, Nancy J. May 7,1861-Mar 7,2949 Littleton
Stamper, Nancy w/William Jul 16,1848-Mar 19,1877 Bethel
Stamper, Nora Jan 16,1888-Jun 28,1968 Denton
Stamper, O. Harlan (Bill) Dec 20,1911-Mar 11,1979 Pleasant Valley
Stamper, Ola w/Dewey Oct 6,1905- Bethel
Stamper, Oscar s/Henry Mar 2,1912-Jul 9,1912 A.Henderson
Stamper, Priscilla Aug 18,1838-May 24,1910 Rice/Queen
Stamper, Quean V. d/Wm&Nancy Aug 24,1874-Oct 17,1876 Bethel
Stamper, Ralph Mar 9,1926- Bethel
Stamper, Robert R. 1853-1965 Denton
Stamper, Rosa A. Feb 3,1914-Nov 20,1956 Rice/Queen
Stamper, Rufas Russell Aug 12,1934-Feb 14,1936 Richardson
Stamper, S.B. Mar 14,1870-Sep 14,1940 Everman
Stamper, Samuel P. 1886-1957 Bethel
Stamper, Sarah E. Sep 18,1803- Bethel
Stamper, Sarah Eda 1874-1953 Bethel
Stamper, Sarah Jane 1900-1940 Stewart
Stamper, Sarah w/John Nov 15,1799-Nov 30,1874 Bethel
Stamper, Sarah w/John no dates Bethel
Stamper, Sarah w/W.M. Sep 15,1851-Nov 10,1881 Bethel
Stamper, Sep s/Jake&Sarah Feb 9,1901-Nov 30,1909 Manning
Stamper, Serena F. 1873-1942 Bowen Chapel
Stamper, Sherlene Aug 23,1945-Sep 11,1945 Bethel
Stamper, Sophia 1888-1949 McWharter
Stamper, Sophis 1888-1949 Glancy Fork
Stamper, Stanley R. Oct 8,1931-Dec 11.1981 Bethel
Stamper, Stephen M. Nov 30,1884-Dec 25,1908 Everman
Stamper, Teddy Ky. S. Sgt. 93 A A F Bomb G.P. W W II
Stamper, Teddy Oct 13,1921-Dec 1,1943 Bethel
Stamper, Thomas Jefferson 1832-1832 Bethel
Stamper, Thomas Jefferson 1832-1893 Bethel
Stamper, Tishie 1896-1927 S.McGlone
Stamper, Valdis 1908-1967 Richardson
Stamper, Vergie C. w/Charlie Feb24,1911-May11,1977 Pleasant Vall
Stamper, Vernice s/I.D.&Etta Jan 23,1906-Jan 14,1915 Everman
Stamper, Vinda 1889-1918 Manning
Stamper, Viola M. 1912-1913 Buckler
Stamper, Virl Aug 8,1920-Jun 1,1933 Manning
Stamper, W.A. 1882-1918 Everman
Stamper, Waldo 1900-1974 Garvin Ridge
Stamper, Walter D. Jan 7,1913-Apr 9,1981 Pleasant Valley
Stamper, Washington h/Christina 1837-1908 Bethel
Stamper, William P. h/Nancy Jun 3,1853-Feb 7,1942 Bethel
Stamper, Willie 1882-1975 Bethel
Stamper, Wilson Lee Roy Jan 27,1943-Apr 15,1943 Bethel
Stamper, Woodrow 1914- Bethel
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