Stamper Family Project


 Stamper Grave Marker Project

The Stamper Family Assn, Inc has been using much of the proceeds from the sale of the publication, "Eastern Kentucky Stamper Kin: Some Descendants of James, Jonathan and Joel Stamper" to purchase markers for unmarked or poorly marked graves of our Stampers in Eastern Kentucky. To date, we have purchased 21 markers .... either purchasing the markers outright; or sharing the cost of the markers with the direct descendants of the deceased.

We shared the cost of the markers for Isaac and Polly (Adams) Stamper with Jeanette Huff. We also purchased two infant markers for the Stamper-Stewart Cemetery; eight markers for John Whitt and Lucinda 'Hogg' Stamper and some of their descendants in the Jent Cemetery in Letcher County, as well as nine markers for various Stampers in three different cemeteries in Breathitt County.

For those who do not know, 100% of the money we accumulate is used for the preservation of Stamper history. As sales of the book has slowed down, so has our ability to purchase more Stamper markers.
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The Stamper Family Project is the property of

Golden Combs Ferguson
Booneville, Owsley County, Kentucky