For Sale: ... The Tired Country Smiles ... A Quilt of Mountain Memories

by Nola Pease VanderMeer (with Frederick L Luddy

Born thousands of miles apart, Samuel VanderMeer and Nola Pease might have lived out their lives at an even greater distance from each other. But they were brought together to become Uncle Sam and Aunt Nola of Morris Fork. Their eyes were lifted up unto the Kentucky hills, and great strength came to them.
The quilt of mountain memories that is unfolded here is a story quilt. The story is a chronicle of Christian achievement.

I have seen the book listed on several sites; listing for as much as $100.00. I have three copies that I want to sell.

This book will appeal to those that are familiar with the Morris Fork area of Breathitt County.

Price $60.00 - incl S/H