Stamper Family Association Members
(Picture taken for the publication)

Front Row: L-R Millie Cornett, Ruth Smith, Golden C Ferguson and Janallee Mullins.

Back Row: L-R Russell Sue Smith, Betty Lou Smith, Geneva C Smith, Virginia S Lowe,
Glenna B Smith, James A Stamper, Geneva S Hamilton and Maxline S Combs


 The Stamper Family Association, Inc was formed in 1999. The charter membership
consisted of 13 individuals; each with a Stamper family line. Shortly after incorporating,
'Eastern Kentucky Stamper Kin: Some Descendants of James, Jonathan and Joel Stamper'
was published. It was compiled from years of research by different
family members. and researchers.

Almost seven years have passed since the publication's first sale. Much more information
has been received. With many requests for an updated version, the time may be right for
this idea to come to pass. With a project of this nature, it could take a couple years ...
from 'start to finish'. This will be no easy task; but it CAN be done.
Your help will be needed!!
Can we count on you?

We need to reach as many individuals with Stamper family lines as possible.
This will mean contacting as many resources as possible for getting
the message out .... whether it be in local newspapers .... message boards ....
mailing lists .... phone directories .... and many more!

Some things that will need to be considered .... First and foremost ....
we need to strive for accuracy ... and documention wherever possible!
In addition to the family lineage, we will want to include family pictures,
and stories.

 UPDATE: The Stamper Family Association has dissolved; effective June, 2006.
Our goal, which was to compile and publish our research; and get it out to as many
researchers as possible has been met; and with great results.

Health and prosperity to everyone!! ...
We are continuing on with the update to the Stamper Publication!!! YEA!!

Stamper Family Association
1999 - 2006

Stamper Family Association Members

Front Row: L-R Millie Cornett, Ruth Smith, Golden C Ferguson and Janallee Mullins.

Back Row: L-R Russell Sue Smith, Betty Lou Smith, Geneva C Smith, Virginia S Lowe, Glenna B Smith, James A Stamper, Geneva S Hamilton
and Maxline S Combs

Stamper Grave Marker Project

The Stamper Family Association has been using much of the proceeds from the sale of EASTERN KENTUCKY KIN top purchase markers for unmarked or poorly marked graves of Stampers in Eastern Kentucky. To date we have been involved in the purchase of markers for 21 graves, either purchasing the markers outright or sharing the cost of the markers with the direct descendants of the deceased.

We shared the cost of markers for Isaac and Polly (Adams) Stamper with descendant Jeanette Huff. We also purchased 2 infant markers for the Stamper-Stewart Cemetery, eight markers for John Whit and Lucinda Hogg Stamper and some of their descendants in the Jent Cemetery in Letcher Co as well as nine markers for various Stampers in Breathitt Co.

In Breathitt County the markers purchased were for Jonathan and Nancy (Turner) Stamper; John Wesley Stamper; Henry; Hiram and Chaney (Bowling) Stamper; Fred Stamper; Kelly Stamper; and Emily (Stamper) Herald.

For those who do not know, one hundred percent of the money we accumulate is used for the Stamper Research and the preservation of Stamper Family history. As sales of the book have slowed, so has our ability to purchase more markers. If any Stamper descendants with Eastern Kentucky origins would like to make a donation to our general cemetery fund, we would be most appreciative. You may send your non tax-deductable contributions to the Stamper Family Association, P.O. Box 135, Dwarf, KY 41739. We regret that small donations cannot be earmarked to buy a marker for a particular person. If you are willing to split the cost of a particular marker with us, we are open to discussion.

Currently, we would like to authenticate the burial places of James and Sarah (Moore) Stamper, and their sons William and Thomas Moore Stamper and their spouses, thought to be buried near Grassy Creek in Morgan Co, KY. If anyone can provide specific information to the location of these graves, we would be most grateful.  

In Letcher County, stones have been bought and placed for John Whitt and Lucinda Stamper; along with stones for two daughters, Millie and Margaret Stamper; along with four stones for four unidentified family members.

Stones have been placed for Joseph, Sr and Joseph, JR. 

In Breathitt County, stones have been purchased for
Emily Stamper Herald; buried at Bowling Cemetery, Stamper's Fork

Hiram Stamper (March 20, 1851 - June 22, 1911), son of Jonathan and Nancy (Turner) Stamper....married to Chaney Bowling: buried at Stamper Cemetery, Canoe.

Chaney Bowling Stamper, Stamper Cemetery, Canoe

Fred Stamper (Oct 29, 1925 - Feb 28, 1926, son of Robert and Eliza Stamper; buried at Willie Stamper Cemetery, Stamper's Fork....was UNMARKED

Kelly Stamper, Willie Stamper Cemetery, Stamper's Fork

Henry Stamper (April 9, 1856 - November 19, 1921) son of Jonathan and Nancy (Turner) Stamper, buried at Bud Bowling Cemetery, Canoe....was UNMARKED 


 The Stamper Family Association, Inc

has donated to the following libraries a copy of.......

Eastern Kentucky Stamper Kin: Some Descendants of James, Jonathan and Joel Stamper


Breathitt Co Library, Jackson, KY

Knott Co Historical Society, Hindman, KY

Knott Co Library, Hindman, KY

Lee Co Library, Beattyville, KY

Letcher Co Historical Society, Whitesburg, KY

Miamisburg Historical Society, Miamisburg, OH

Morgan Co Library, West Liberty, KY

Owsley Co Library, Booneville, KY

Perry Co Historical Society, Hazard, KY

Wolfe Co Library, Campton, KY

Grayson Co; VA Library, Independence, VA

Ashe Co; NC Library, Jefferson, NC

Calvin M McClung Historical Collection, Knoxville, TN

Owsley Co Historical Society, Booneville, KY

The following libraries have purchased
a copy of the book for their shelves .......

Boyd Co, KY Public Library
1740 Central Avenue
Ashland, KY 41101

Allen Co Public Library
Fort Wayne, IN

Park Society Library
221 S Wyomissing Ave
Shillington, PA 19607-2535

Eastern Kentucky University Library
Richmond, KY

Belk Library
P O Box 32026

Appalachian State University
Boone, NC 28608-2026

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

If you would like to see a copy of this book on your library or genealogy shelf; pass along this information to the person in charge of ordering materials......


Eastern Kentucky Stamper Kin: Some Descendants

of James, Jonathan and Joel Stamper,

compiled by the Stamper Family Association, Inc. Over two years
in the making, this volume focuses on the Eastern Kentucky descendants of the brothers James, Jonathan and Joel Stamper, sons of Jonathan and Rachel Parks Stamper of Wilkes Co, NC.

Over 6600 descendants of Jonathan and Rachel Parks Stamper

Some information on early Stampers in Middlesex Co, VA

More than 100 photographs

Softbound, over 300 pages plus every-name index

Information on Stamper descendants in counties such as Breathitt, Knott, Letcher, Morgan, Lee, Owsley, Carter and Lewis.

The cost of the book is $35.00. This includes shipping.
You may mail a check or money order to:

Golden Combs Ferguson
2064-B N Willow Av
Huachuca City, AZ 85616-8133

The Stamper Family Project
is the property of Golden Combs Ferguson