Stamper Family Project

Jonesboro Township
586 605 STAMPER, John D. h 7/1857 42 TN VA TN

Pacific w 3/1878 22 AR AR AR

John P. s 10/1898 1 AR TN AR

ANDERSON, Laretha boarder 1873 27 TN TN TN


587 606 STAMPER, Alma d 2/1883 17 TN TN TN

Lake City Township
STAMPER, George hired man 4/1870 30 TN TN TN in the household of Jackson Moiser

1900 Federal Census ... Contributed by Ina Wallace

Ina says; "Recorded the following on a trip to Arkansas a few years ago. Ran across the notes. If anyone recognizes names, let me know. Thanks for any help."
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Golden Combs Ferguson
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