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Col Elijah Gates

Col. Elijah Gates, husband of Maria Stamper, (daughter of Larkin Stamper and Emily Maupin.
From: Floyd Smith, Feb 4, 1998.

Their marriage date was given as 1 April 1852, (probably in Livingston Co., MO,) in the Confederate Veteran article, last in the list here. The other sources here may also be of interest. He was a noted Civil War soldier, mentioned many places in the Official Records. 1850 U. S. Census of Livingston County, MO, page 88. He is 22 and living with the Larkin Stamper family.

In the list of patrons of the 1877 Atlas of Buchanan County, his occupation was Sheriff, born in Garrard County, KY, coming to Buchanan County in 1857. From Book; "Missouri Pioneers" Vol. II, Compiled by Miss Nadine Hodges, Mrs John Vineyard, & Mrs Howard w. Woodruff, Feb. 1968.

In a state-wide list of survivors of the First & Second MO Confederate Brigade, in 1879, he is listed as living in St. Joseph and occupation, State Treasurer. From Book; "Missouri Miscellany" Vol. II, Compiled by Mrs Howard w. Woodruff, Sep. 1976.

He was U. S. marshall in W. MO from 24 Nov. 1885-2 Aug. 1886. Letter written by Olivia Virginia (Gates) Newkirk 9 May 1927 from Miami, OK. She said that her father Gates had a brother Eliza (Elijah) who was a Colonel.

He commanded the First Brigade of the First Division of the Army of the West (Major General Sterling Prices Corp), then commanded by Major General J. P. McCowan. Gates' Brigade consisted of the 16th Arkansas, 1st Missouri Cavalry (dismounted), 2nd Missouri, 3rd Missouri, the Missouri Battallion, and Wade's Battery. He made a written report August 1, 1863, after the battles at Baker's Creek, Big Black Bridge and Vicksburg. He was captured at the Big Black Bridge when his men who could not swim the river pleaded with him to stay with them. He escaped after three days. He is mentioned many times in reports and commended several times for bravery. This information was taken from the Official Reports of the War of the Rebellion at the Son's of the Revolution Library in Glendale, CA.

Information received from the Confederate Research Center in Hillsboro, TX has him born in Garrard County, KY, in Platte County, MO in 1846, and moving to Buchanan County, MO in 1857.

Gates family Bible records from "The Kansas City Genealogist", October 1970, p. 17, records his birth on 17 Dec. 1827 in Garrard Co., KY.

Article in "Confederate Veteran" Nov-Dec 1993, page 18, has the account of his Civil War service, and lists some of his residences.

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