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Elizabeth Ann Stamper (Bryan)

 1838? - 1908?

Lineage: Daughter of Sally Cobb and Hiram Stamper

Brothers: Daniel, James, Thomas, Joseph, Taylor.

Sisters: Victoria

Married Lucius D Bryant August 2 1852

Born/Died Born Kentucky,1838, Died?? Cause of death??

Miss Stamper was the daughter of a man of English ancestry and a woman of ?. Her father and mother were both originally from Kentucky.

Miss Stamper spent her early years in Owen County, Kentucky. She was from a wealthy merchant family in Owen County.

Miss Stamper met Mr Bryant in Owen County, Kentucky. Mr Bryant was orphaned at an early age and adopted by Baptist minister Elisha Cobb, December 16, 1850 in Owen County, Kentucky. They were married August 2, 1852 by Elisha Cobb. Since Miss Stamper was only 14 at this time, consent was granted by her father, Hiram Stamper. At the time of the marriage, the consent and certificate indicate his surname as 'Bryan'. His wife used his surname until remarrying, as well as their daughter.

The couple's only child was a daughter, Sarah F Bryan, born September 15, 1853

Her husband died at the age of 22 in December 1855, with Hiram Stamper being named executor of the will. She married Elijah Martin in July 1856, who became guardian of Sarah F Bryan in October 1856. After marrying Mr Martin, she renounced provisions of the will provided by her deceased husband.

There are no surviving historical artifacts of Mrs Martin (Bryan).

There is no surviving information regarding the personality of Mrs Martin (Bryan).

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Richland, Washington

April, 2001
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