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 Squire Hiram Stamper

'Squire Stamper, or Uncle Hiram as he is familiarly called is now well entered upon the seventh decade of life, but is still well preserved in mind and body; and is both active in his movements and bright and spirited in his conversation. He is one of the most highly respected citizens of Clifton Township, and takes a marked interest in the affairs of his own community and in general public concerns.

He was one of the organizers of the Baptist Church at Clifton Hill and is one of its most valued members. He owned a fine large farm in the township until a few years ago when, his children having all grown up and married off, he sold it and bought a neat place adjoining Clifton Hill where he now resides; but he is still at work and is the farthest from being a man of liesure and idleness.

He was born in Owen County, Kentucky, April 8, 1812 and was a son of Jessee and Nancy (Sebastian) Stamper, both originally from North Carolina; his father of English descent, but his mother of French origin.

Hiram was reard on the farm in Kentucky until he was 16 years of age when , his father being a manufacture of brick and a brick layer, he went with him to Cincinnati where his father was engaged in that business and where Hiram learned both occupations. He worked in Cincinnati for about seven years, returning home; however usually through the winter months.

On the 27th of December, 1832 he was married to Miss Sallie Cobb, a daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth (Holbrook) Cobb of Owen County, Kentucky.

Squire Stamper then settled on a farm where he continued until 1849 and then engaged in the mercantile and mill business. About that time he started the town of Lusby's Mill in Owen County which is now a flourishing trading point. Three years later however, he returned to his farm and continued on it until 1855 when he removed to Randolph County, Missouri and bought some 300 acres in Clifton Township where improved a fine farm. There he lived for 25 years, respected and esteemed by all who knew him. He sold his place in 1879 and bought his present farm the same year.

While in Kentucky he held both the offices of Justice of the Peace and Constable a number of years each. 'Squire' Stamper is a sociable, pleasant old gentleman interesting to talk with and always agreeable in his manners and conversation.

He and his good wife reared a family of ten children: Daniel J; Eliza, now Mrs. Elijah Martin; James L; Thomas H B; Joseph E; Elizabeth, now Mrs Thomas Grizzell; Nancy, now Mrs Yearley Scott; Lucian, now Mrs Samuel Cobb; Mary F, now Mrs John G Breckman and Finis M Stamper.

  The above article about Hiram was found in the Randolph County, Missouri Cemetery Index (Moberly Library, Moberly, MO). It was apparently written before Hiram's death in 1890. The author is unknown. It is being shared here by Donna Fares
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