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#3287: History of Colorado, Illustrated, Volume II, The S J Clarke Publishing Company, 1918, p 642, Wolfe Co

Hon W Letcher Stamper, attorney at law, practicing at the Denver bar, has also been quite well known in connection with his active service along political lines. He is ever found to be a stalwart champion of any cause which he espouses and he puts forth most earnest and effective effort toward securing the adoption of the principles in which he believes.

Mr Stamper comes to Colorado from Kentucky, his birth having occurred in Wolfe County in the latter state, December 20, 1856. He is a descendant of that distinguished divine, Rev Johnathan Stamper of Kentucky, who was truly a southern cavalier and died some time ago at Springfield, Illinois. His father was William M Stamper, a represenative of one of the old families of Kentucky, his birth having occurred in Wolfe County, February 28, 1831.

His ancestors settled in Virginia prior to the Revolutionary War and the family has long been connected with the south. William M Stamper was a planter and an extensive dealer in livestock. He made his home in Wolfe County throughout his entire life and became an influential factor in democratic circles there, doing much to further the interests of his party in state and nation. He was also a supporter of civic interests, giving earnest aid and cooperation to many movements which were of direct benefit to his community. For a number of years he occupied the position of county superintendent of schools and he also served as sheriff of Wolfe County.

In his business affairs he met with a fair measure of success. His religious faith was that of the Baptist church and his life exemplified the teachings of Christianity. He died April 17, 1867 at the age of thirty-seven years. His wife prior to her marriage was Miss Rachel Lacey, who was born in Wolfe County, March 16, 1831, her ancestors having been early residents of both Virginia and Kentucky, but the family is of english extraction. She became the mother of five sons, all of whom reached adult age, W Letcher of this review being the first born. He has four brothers who are yet living. His brother, Thomas F Stamper is a resident of Campton, Kentucky and has been in civil office for the past eighteen years. James Harlan, a resident of Campton was at one time in the wholesale grocery business and also engaged in farming, while at the present time he is a well known oil magnate who has attained notable wealth. Andrew Howard is an attorney who through the greater part of his life has filled public office and is now located at Campton. Greenberry is engaged in the practice of law at Campton and easily takes rank as one of the ablest members of the bar in eastern Kentucky. Mrs Rachel (Lacey) Stamper died October 30, 1902 at the old home in Kentucky, when seventy-two years of age.

W Letcher Stamper began his education in the public schools of Wolfe County, Kentucky and afterwad had the benefit of instruction in some of the best schools in that state. He spent his time upon the home farm to the age of eighteen years, when he entered upon educational work, taking up the profession in his native state. He was principal of The Ladies Academy at Peach Orchard, Lawrence County, Kentucky for two years and afterward was elected superintendent of the Collins Institute in the Chickasaw Nation of the Indian Territory. He served as superintendent there for a period of four years and afterward became President of the Corvallis College at Corvallis, Montana.

Since that time he has been actively engaged in the practice of law. He entered upon the practice of the profession at Campton, Kentucky, and in 1906 removed to Denver and has since followed the profession in Colorado. He prepares his cases with great thoroughness and care, is logical in his argument, clear in his reasoning and sound in his deductions.

Hi is director, vice president and attorney for the Midwest Petroleum Company of Denver.

It is not strange to say of Mr Stamper, since he came from Kentucky, that his bobby is horses and one of his greatest pleasures comes to him through horseback riding.

On the 4th of April, 1911, at Dalhart, Texas, Mr Stamper was united in marriage to Miss Georgia Center, a native of Tennessee and a daughter of the late Rev Francis K Center, a Methodist minister, whose wife was born the maiden name of Sarah Willis Robinson and was a member of one of the old families of Tennessee. Both Mr and Mrs Center have passed away. Mrs Stamper is a cousin of the late Dewit Center, who was appointed by the federal government at the close of the Civil War to the position of govenor of Tennessee and was greatly beloved by the Confederate soldiers on account of the consideration shown them in taking the oath of allegience to the government.

In his fraternal relations, Mr Stamper is a Knight of Pythias. In politics he has always been an earnest democrat but never an office seeker, and the only political position that he has filled was that of police judge of Campton, Kentucky. In 1912, when Govenor Harmon of Ohio was making his presidential race, Mr Stamper was the western manager and made addresses not only in Colorado but throughout the west and southwest. In 1916 he was an alternate delegate to the national democratic convention held at St Louis, Missouri and he worked during that campaign under the direction of the democratic national committee, with headquarters in Chicago, his territory being the sttes of Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona and at the election every state in which he labored gave strong support to President Wilson.

His religious faith is that of St Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and he has taken an active and helpful interest in church work. Mr Stamper, by industry and economy has identified himself with all the interest of Colorado and has left his impress upon same. He is unusually active in everything that has for its object the betterment of conditions in his state. He is in great demand for gatherings all over the country where great and economic questions are to be discussed. While he is over the draft age, he is helping in every way possible to win the war. He has the respect and confidence of everyone who knows him and easily take rank with the leading men of his commonwealth.
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