February 29, 2000

Sherry Griggs writes:

Seeing mention of the Stamper Cemetery project, brought to mind what our NC STAMPERS have done recently.

1) Gilbert Alexander "Alex" Stamper- It has taken years to locate burial site. Finally this winter we found him. Buried in unmarked grave at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Iredell Co. Since he did not have a service record, V.A. marker was not an option. Simple concrete marker was designed and made by a family member and placed on his grave, listing his name and birth/death dates.

2)Gurney Stamper - After years of research I was able to determine his parentage. He was the son of Gilbert Alexander Stamper. Killed in a train wreck during W W I and buried in France. After the death of his father, his uncle, James Melmath Stamper signed for the body to be disintered and Gurney was placed in an unmarked grave beside his father. In January I received
papers from the V. A. for application for a military marker. Within the next two weeks the marker should arrive and will be placed on his grave.

Lineage for above Gilbert Alexander Stamper > J H Stamper > John Stamper of Iredell,Co NC.

Sherry Griggs
Winston-Salem, NC

The Stamper Family Project is the property of
Golden Combs Ferguson