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Dayton Stamper is the four month old son of Eric and April Stamper. Dayton has been diagnosed with leukemia; and is undergoing chemo and bone marrow transplants. This has and continues to be a difficult time for the entire family. We can help this young family in need by sending our prayers for healing and strength at this time.

Watch for updates here...! and on the Stamper-list..:-)

Thank you, Lisha Douglas

(Lisha and Dayton are second cousins...:-)


To read more about Dayton and his progress ... visit his 'Care Page'  

member name .. dayton100

password .. baby dayton

carepage .. daytonscarepage

If you would like to send a card to Dayton and/or his parents ....

Dayton Stamper

C S Mott Children's Hospital --- Rm 7680

1505 Simpson Rd

Ann Arbor, MI 48109


Eric is the son of Roger and Lorraine Stamper, son of Richard and Carly Mae Stamper, son of John B and Eliza (Lewis) Stamper, son of Hiram and Chaney (Bowling) Stamper.

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