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Hi All,

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Dayton has still not gotten the mouth sores he got last time. His
neutrophil count is still at zero, so he is not feeling as well as he
could. He is in better spirits this time around compared to last time.
They are worried that maybe the chemo is not working as well this time
but Eric and April (mom and dad) say this is just a concern of theirs.
Monday he received two transfusions, platelets and blood. He was
getting pale and tired over the last few days as his counts continued to
drop. Hopefully he will begin feeling better with the latest

The Drs. are continuing to monitor his intake of food as well as his
outputs. He is not hooked up to any fluids at this point because hi is
still eating. They hope their concern is wrong of course so that they
can be happy he is doing so well. At this point last time he was on
fluids, nutrients and a morphine pump.

Eric and April, both teachers, would like to send thanks to all who have
shown support including family, friends, and both their school districts
(Wayne-Westland, and Brighton)

I too would like to thank all on the Stamper list who have continued to
pray for little Dayton, and who have shown concern and asked about ways
of helping this family, especially, Golden, whom if you didn't already
know, has made Dayton his own page on the Stamper Family Web site. All
of the prayers and the outpouring of concern are surely helping this
little fella. His parents are getting very frazzled at this point in
the process. They are tired from all the hours spent in the hospital,
their finances are obviously wearing slim, and their emotions are all
over the board, not knowing if they should be happy or concerned when
changes happen, or even when nothing happens. They need all of our
love, prayers and concern, now more than ever. Please keep them in your
hearts and in your prayers as we head into the New Year!


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