Burton Gap Cemetery, North of Mitchell, Lawrence County, Indiana
(Cemetery Collection - Mary Virginia Schilt Giera)
Released 27 May 2005
Cemetery Collection - Mary Virginia Schilt Giera


Reading of the Burton Gap Cemetery
North of Mitchell, Lawrence County, Indiana

including relationship notes in parentheses added by:

Mary Virginia Schilt Giera
Jacksonville, FL

obtained from genealogical research.

Compiled from two readings done in the 1960’s.

Copyright 2003, Mary Virginia Schilt Giera


 Polly Brewer
died October 20, 1882
Aged 65 years

David Burton
born March 5, 1792
died July 22, 1880
Aged 88 years 4 months 7 days
(son of John Pleasant & Susannah {Stamper} Burton)

David G. Burton
Co. H 67 Ind. Infantry
A Member of the 67 Reg. Indiana Volunteers
died in Defense of his Country at Vicksburg, Mississippi
died May 22, 1863

Delilia Burton
daughter of D. & S. Burton
born May 30, 1842
died March 2, 1843
(daughter of David and Sarah {___} Burton; David was son of John Pleasant & Susannah {Stamper} Burton)

Elizabeth [Ann] Burton
consort of David Burton
died October 15, 1827
Aged 37 years

Florence Burton
born November 5, 1863
died April 2, 1868
Aged 5 years 2 months 17 days

Hardin Burton
born July 10, 1840
died __, 1846
(son of Rev. Hardin of Lucy {Maxwell} Burton)

infant Burton
son of ___ & Matilda Burton
born August 5, ___
died ___

John H. Burton
born March 4, 1825
died November 28, 1880
Aged 55 years 8 months 22 days

John Pleasant Burton
born July 8, 1758
died July 14, 1836
Aged 78 years 11 months 27 days
(husband of Susannah {Stamper} Burton. This same man has a headstone also in Burton Cemetery!)

Joshua Burton
son of Zachariah & Ruth Burton
(Mother’s maiden name was Core)

Lucy Burton
wife of Hardin Burton
Aged 46 years 1 month 17 days
(Lucy Maxwell married Rev. Hardin Burton in 1835)

Mahala Burton
daughter of John & ___ Burton

Margaret R. Burton
daughter of Zachariah & Ruth Burton
born ___ , 1811
died August 20, 1851
(mother’s maiden name was Core)

Mary A. Burton
wife of D. G. Burton
died March 6, 1871
Aged 42 years 1 month 12 days
(wife of David G. Burton)

Ruth Burton
wife of Zachariah Burton
born August 12, 1802
died August 5, 1844
(maiden name was Ruth Core, widow of Mr. Holmes, then married Zachariah Burton who is buried in Burton Cemetery in Lawrence County, Indiana)

Sarah Burton
wife of David Burton
born 1805
died 1864
(2nd wife of David Burton; David was son of John Pleasant & Susannah {Stamper} Burton)

Susannah Burton
born August 27, 1767
died August 10, 1845
Aged 79 years 11 months 19 days
(wife of John Pleasant Burton; like her husband Susannah [Stamper] Burton has 2 tombstones - one in this cemetery and another one in Burton Cemetery!)

Susannah E. Burton
daughter of A. & S. Miller
born July 11, 1820
died illegible

(see Joshua Burton, Margaret Burton, Ruth Burton)

___ Dunn
husband of Mary J. Dunn

(see Ruth Burton)

(see Hardin Burton)

Mary E. Pore
wife of Ransom Pore

Maude E. Pore
died August 16, 1877

(see David Burton; Delilah Burton; John Pleasant Burton; Sarah Burton; Susannah Burton)

Minnie Terry
died July 10, 1900

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