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Cemetery Listing   Contributor Article / Material 
 Burton Gap Cemetery listing - North of Mitchell, Lawrence County, Indiana    Golden Ferguson Fugate markers; Benjamin, Henley and Matilda Stamper Fugate  
  Oklahoma shooting of Deputy Sheriff Charles Stamper 
    Record of Funeral for Carolyn Sue Stamper; Sunset, Texas 
 Burton Cemetery, Marion Twp, Lawrence County, Indiana   HARRY BICKEL REMEMBERS THE LIFE OF LEGENDARY
   Geneva Hamilton 1 - Youth Held For Slaying of Stepfather
2 - Obituary for Randy Lavon Stamper
3 - Funeral Card for her sister, Carolyn Stamper Johnson
   Gloria Holmes  Marker for Ray E Stamper; Cobb Hill, Estill Co, KY
  Barbara Stamper Isom  Markers for Calvin and Elizabeth Higgenbotham Stamper; Wolfe Co
  Gloria Marcum  A D and Sarah Strong
   Marie (from Indiana)  Funeral Cards for Berniece L Stamper; McClellan Stamper, Jr;
and Mrs Ruth Stamper
  Marilyn Shively  William B Stamper 1813 -
  Jesse Stamper  Obituary for Haynes Stamper 
   Linda Stamper Lloyd Stamper; Fulton, MO / Roberta O'Dell Stamper; Auzvasse, Mo
   Sam Stamper  This is Jr. Stamper, Dayton Daily News - Tuesday, January 13, 2004
   Sharon D Taylor  Obituary for Dennis Carl O'Connor -descendents of Rosa Belle Byrd and James Buchanan Hollon. Rosa Belle Byrd was the daughter of Mary Ann and William Russell Byrd. Mary Ann was the daughter of J. B. Stamper.
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