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Maxine and Red 'tell it like it is' ... !!

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Hello .. Many Stamper 'cousins' have contributed to make this site what it is.

If you would like to make a contribution to the site; whether it be family data, pictures, $$donation or the purchase of a publication, it is much appreciated.

Maintaining this website is truly a 'labor of love' for me. The pay is lousy; but the benefits are very rewarding. I cannot imagine doing anything else.

If ever there is anything I can do to help anyone, don't hesitate to ask. If I cannot provide an answer, I will do my best to locate someone who can.

Take your time looking. I am so glad that you are here. Do visit again ... and again.

May I Introduce ....

The Stamper Family Association, Inc

Order Your Copy Today! 

Check or Money Order for $30.00 includes Shipping

The Stamper Stage

Published by Bob and Kay Inman

$25.00 Check or Money Order

Price includes shipping.

Civil War Diary

of Lieutenant I J Stamper

70 pages ... $ 12.00

Price includes shipping

 A first hand account of war from one who actually participated in it as in some ways much more valuable than reading a historian's version.................

Isaac J Stamper lived near Cleveland, Tennessee. He and his two brothers served together in the Civil War.......


We are indebted to Stamper Family Assn member Geneva Hamilton for procuring a copy of this manuscript for our use, and to Ms Virginia Roberts of Pendleton, Oregon for supplying the manuscript...

Stampers in the Military

Civil War Records

Civil War Rosters (arranged by states)

Korean War Project

Pay Rolls; Muster Rolls .. War of 1812

Stamper Biographies

Stamper Family Reunions

1999; 2003; 2003; 2004; 2004

Stampers in the News

State Road in Knott County named for Art Stamper

Nemie Stamper .. She Once Lived On A Houseboat

Roy Larkin Stamper NPR Interview

"If I live to be 100"

Stamper Obituaries

Stamper Cemetery Listings

Stamper Marker Project


You've got to stand for something ...... or ... you will fall for anything....

Stamper Family Pictures

Interesting Sites ... Check them out!

American Memory

History Buff Articles

Map Collections 1500 - 2004

Prints / Photographs

Special Collections / Archives from WSU ( Wright State University); Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio

Have suggestions for improving the site; OR have family information you would like to share and/or have added to the database ..... send it along ...

Thank you ...




Stamper Family Project


Due to scheduling conflicts, the Morris Fork Reunion will be held this year, Saturday, October 16th. We surely hope this has not caused any problems for anyone. Please mark your calendar!!

All other information remains the same - Armco Park Pavillion - Middletown, Ohio. Come as early as 10:00 .... and stay as long as ya want...:-) Meal is potluck.

Bring an item for the 'white elephant' sale which helps pay for the facilities.
If you have any genealogy information or pictures to share, bring those. Maybe you can help someone fill in a few blanks...:-)

Directions ... North or South on I-75 ... exit at Franklin (Rt 73) or Middletown (Rt 122). Either one ... after exiting ... go West over to Rt 741. Turn (South) onto Rt 741. Continue a few miles on Rt 741. Entrance to the park is on the right. After going through the gate, you will go to the left and follow the road.... plenty of parking, too. The gentlemen at the gate can give you more specific directions if needed....

Any questions, feel free to call Wanda Thompson ( 937-746-3246) in Carlisle, Ohio; or give me a call

Sure hope to see you all there...

2004 Stamper Reunion Pictures Sunday, June 20, 2004 at the Perry County Senior Citizen's Building, Perry County, Kentucky

 Hello .... hope this finds all my family and friends in the best of health.

Finally .... after months of dealing with an unruly computer, I am now back in business. While updating the site, I accidentally deleted one of the main pages; thus the reason for the 'new look' ....

1,047 names have been added to the database since the last update. Check it out! ... While you are here, please sign the 'Guestbook'; and check the 'Message Board'.

Have a great day!


One Breathitt County Connection

Morris Fork, Kentucky

Leon Morris

My Kentucky Kin

Jackie T Burton

If you have Baker's, Burton's, Combs, Deaton's, Turner's ... to name a few..:-) .... check out my friend's website.
Stamper Memories by Dorene Stamper

Dorene also has articles appearing online at

Arkansas * Georgia * Indiana * Kentucky * Michigan * Misc * Missouri * Montana * N Carolina * Ohio * Oklahoma * Pennsylvania * Tennessee * Texas * Virginia

Dave & Millie (Stamper) Herald

Visit Aunt Edna

Sermon* Francis Stamper May 3, 1694

The Island Register 1846

John Dixon Long .. 1817 - 1894

Proceedings of the Old Bailey

Taliaferra Times

Issue # 21-2; 39

Maggie Stamper Lackey

Almeda J Stamper Biven

Krystyna Stamper, Native of Poland

Alva W & Aimee R Stamper Scholorship

HHS Deputy Assn't Sec for Facility names William Stamper

Kentucky 'Old Time' Fiddlers

Hiram Stamper .. Page 1; Page 2

Stamper Reference Books

Beattyville, Lee County, Kentucky

Breathitt Online News

State of Kentucky

Kentucky and the Underground Railroad

Clay County ... Hima News

Kentucky Explorer

Stamper Family Page

Descendants of Wm 'Tator' Bill

Some Descendants of Joshua Stamper

Burton Family Biography

Susan Stamper & John Pleasant Burton

Descendants of James Logan

Blevins Genealogy

Sparks Family Tree

Stewart Family of Knox, Knott & Rowan

Samuel Tipton; Estill County, Kentucky

Stamper's in Philadelphia, PA

Descendants of Wm Riley Shoemaker

Cpl Fess Whitaker

Stamper Family Recipes

Submit your favorite recipes today!!

Stamper "Family & Business Websites" sites

Alvarez, Patricia

Hale, Bobby Jo

Keck, Eva E

Marsh, Donna L

Minyard, Judy J

Stamper, Carol LeAnne

Stamper, Caroline Joyce

Stamper, Deedre G

Stamper, E'/Lisa Michele

Stamper, Jeanetta

Stamper, John W

Stamper, Kara

Stamper, Leonard L

Stamper, Leslie Martin

Stamper, Patrice Anne

Stamper, Paula June

Stamper, Scott

Stamper, Stephen H

Stamper, Tim and Mandy

Stamper, Susan Marie

Stamper Communications

Stamper's Gift Shop

Stamper's Grill and Pub

Stamper's Photography

Watson, Carolyn Jean

Williams, Charles

Midkiff, Michael and Diane (Ludke)

Alvarez, Patricia

Barnes, Ginny

Brannock, Alisa

Case, Ella

Fearneyhough, Kaye

Ferguson, Golden Combs

Fitch, Pam Stamper

Garza, Dorothy O

Gayheart, Billie Ruth

Griggs, Sherry

Hamilton, Bill

Hazlett, Patricia

Hensley, Toby

Hillhouse, Sharon

Holbrook, Randall

Holmes, Gloria P

Hughes, J O

Isom, Barbara

Keck, Eva J

Lawson, Patricia

Maybury, Derre

Mihaloew, Darlene

Sims, Rita

Stamper, Dorene

Stamper, James A

Stamper, John W

Stamper, Lloyd

Stamper, Rodney

Stamper, Sam and Faye

Stamper, Stephen

Tabor, Michael

Williams, Gloria

Take a Break ..... :-)

Horse Feathers

Sunbonnet Sue

'Bad' Sunbonnet Sue



Red Hat Society

My Hometown, Miamisburg, OHIO
Drinking From My Saucer

By Jimmy Dean

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