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Faith Hill Community on the Lucky Fork

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 This project is dedicated to maintaining genealogical information about our Eastern Kentucky Kin. It is an ONGOING EFFORT. Information you can add or correct contributes to the benefit of all Eastern Kentucky family researchers. Come on in and stay awhile. I hope you will enjoy your viist.
Important disclaimer: Note: The reports generated on this site are a cooperative effort. That means the information presented here was collected from many people. Each person contributing data , has themselves collected their information from many sources. There WILL be errors! These reports can never be 100% complete or 100% accurate. PLEASE consider each and every report a 'work in progress'; and 'verify' your own data before accepting anything here as factual.

Every piece of information presented here is open for additions, corrections and debate!

The Stamper Family Project is the property of Golden Combs Ferguson

Booneville, Owsley County, Kentucky