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Descendants of Asa Stamper


Generation No. 1

1. ASA1 STAMPER was born 30 Dec 1799 in Halifax Co., NC, and died 18 Aug 1876 in Bradley Co., TN. He married (1) SARAH ELIZABETH "BETSY" FENDER 05 Jul 1821 in Wilkes Co., NC. She was born 05 Feb 1802 in NC, and died 12 Apr 1842. He married (2) MARY ANN MOORE 21 Dec 1843 in Roane County, TN. She was born 31 Mar 1814 in TN, and died 22 Dec 1895.

Children of ASA STAMPER and SARAH FENDER are:
2. i. WINNIE MELINA2 STAMPER, b. 03 Jul 1822; d. 1897.
iii. JAMES WESLEY STAMPER, b. 16 Sep 1825; m. MINERVA ?.
iv. SARA ANN STAMPER, b. 29 Mar 1827; m. FRANCIS KELLEY.
v. JOHN NELSON STAMPER, b. 11 Oct 1828; d. May 1918; m. MARY AGEE.
vi. MICHAEL FENDER STAMPER, b. 16 May 1830, Monroe County, TN; d. 16 Aug 1831, Roane County, TN.
vii. WILLIAM DANIEL STAMPER, b. 11 Feb 1832, Monroe, TN.
viii. ASA HASKEN STAMPER, b. 29 Jun 1834, TN; d. Mar 1921; m. MARY ANN PACE.
3. ix. JOSEPH HENEGAR STAMPER, b. 08 Dec 1835, Monroe Co., TN; d. 04 Apr 1921, Ocoee, Bradley County, TN.
x. ISAAC JONES STAMPER, b. 07 Jan 1838, TN; d. 09 Sep 1911, Bradley County, TN; m. METTIE A. HUNTER, 25 Nov 1875.
xi. MARTHA EVELINE STAMPER, b. 19 Jan 1840, Bradley County, TN; d. 1867; m. B.J. LOWE, 10 Dec 1867.

Children of ASA STAMPER and MARY MOORE are:
xii. SUSAN ELIZABETH2 STAMPER, b. 27 Oct 1844, TN; d. 02 Nov 1925; m. JESSIE M. PIRKLE, 22 Oct 1868, Bradley Co., TN.
xiii. ROBERT WILSON STAMPER, b. 03 May 1846, TN; d. 20 Apr 1906; m. MARY E. FRAZIER, 20 Dec 1871.
xiv. NANCY EMALINE STAMPER, b. 28 Aug 1852, TN; d. 07 Jan 1937; m. MARTIN D. FRAZIER, 08 Dec 1881, Bradley Co., TN.

Generation No. 2

2. WINNIE MELINA2 STAMPER (ASA1) was born 03 Jul 1822, and died 1897. She married JAMES EIFFERT 22 Nov 1839.

Burial: Walnut Cemetery, Walnut, Kansas



3. JOSEPH HENEGAR2 STAMPER (ASA1) was born 08 Dec 1835 in Monroe Co., TN, and died 04 Apr 1921 in Ocoee, Bradley County, TN. He married MARY MELISSA PIERCE 24 Dec 1857 in Bradley Co., TN. She was born 04 Jan 1835 in McMinnville, TN, and died 26 Feb 1908.

i. JOHN ASA3 STAMPER, b. 17 Jan 1860, TN; d. 12 Mar 1941; m. ESTHER APPELINE GIBSON, 13 Mar 1881, Bradley Co., TN.
ii. SAMUEL A. STAMPER, b. 29 Oct 1862.
iii. WILLIAM OSCAR STAMPER, b. 21 Apr 1868, TN; d. 05 Jan 1904; m. LOTTIE YORK.
iv. THOMAS HENRY STAMPER, b. 13 Jul 1870, TN; d. 18 Jan 1904.
v. EMMA KIZZIAH STAMPER, b. 30 Apr 1873; d. 17 Nov 1914; m. WASHINGTON POINDEXTER HAYNES, 23 Jun 1892, Bradley Co., TN.
vi. MARY OCOEE STAMPER, b. 14 Jul 1877, TN; d. 02 Sep 1923, Bradley Co., TN.

 Descendants of Asa Stamper submitted and shared by Virginia Gugin Roberts of Pendleton, Oregon .
I need to add here that several other researchers have been working diligently on this line for years; and deserve recognition for their efforts. Julie Close, Virginia Gugin Roberts,
Stephen H Stamper. Recently, I know Cheryl White is from one of the lines in the above family also. If you are reading this and do not see your name listed, please contact me; and I will add your name as a descendant. ... Check highlighted names for more info/pics.

  From: Virginia Roberts
Date: Friday, July 07, 2006 5:44 PM
Subject: Re: Bible / Will, pass

Hi Golden,

I spent a week in June in Salt Lake and devoted most of my time to John A and family. I found some interesting info which I will gladly share. While I do not have it definitely proven at this point, perhaps by putting the possibilities out there someone can add or subtract.

Just let me know, what you would like.
I have shared the Bible data with some other descendents of Asa and Betsy and obviously we are all overjoyed.

Virginia (Roberts) ..........

 Dillard and Margaret Ross Stamper Family Bible

 State of Bradley County, Tennessee March 10, 1898


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