Eastern Kentucky Stamper Kin:
Some Descendants of James, Jonathan and Joel Stamper

Published 1999 by
the Stamper Family Assn
Morris Fork, Kentucky

 Published 1995 by
Leon Morris
Watts Family
of Eastern Kentucky

Published 2002 by
Stephen Bowling, M.A.
The Stampers / Looking Back
Published 1999 by
Sadie Stamper Greer

Stamper Family Project and Families of Breathitt County, Kentucky

While browsing through the database, should you note any error; regardless of how small, please bring it to my attention. Currently, there are 128550 individuals in 42510 families.


Much of the information in this database comes from several publications; all of which link together.

Eastern Kentucky Stamper Kin: Some Descendants of James, Jonathan and Joel Stamper; compiled by The Stamper Family Association, Inc. The Stamper lineage begins with John Stamper, born ca 1640.

Morris Fork, Kentucky by Leon Morris. Many of the families from the small community of Morris Fork in Breathitt County, Kentucky have connections to the Stamper families.

The Watts Family of Eastern Kentucky by Stephen Bowling, M.A.; and Historian for the Watts Family Association, Inc.
The Watts information begins with the lineage of George Washington Watts and Emaline Noble. I have entered the first three or four generations of the children of George and Emaline; in addition to those Stampers that go back to this couple.

The Stampers / Looking Back, published by Sadie Stamper Greer contains information on the early lineage of the
Stamper Family; and continues with lineage of Sarah Stamper; (d/o Jonathan Brooks Stamper) married to John Reeves Stamper (s/o Agnes Stamper).

And ... in addition to the above, you will find family information that has graciously been submitted by many
Stamper Family researchers!

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