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Eastern Kentucky Stamper Kin: Some Descendants of James, Jonathan and Joel Stamper

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Powell Stamper (1 John) b 1685-90 Middlesex Co, VA, md Mary Brooks, (daughter of Jonathan Brooks and Sarah Mayo). Powell died May 23, 1727, Middlesex Co, VA. The fact that Powell Stamper named a daughter Cary who died young and a later daughter Kerah (probably the same name spelled differently by the church scribes of the day) is good indication that he indeed was the son of John Stamper by the third wife, Cary/Carew. Powell Stamper seems to have been a reasonably prosperous Tidewater farmer. At his death he left a considerable estate, and the inventory of his property presented to Middlesex Co court on June 6, 1727, consisted of around 50 head of assorted livestock, including sheep, horses, cows and hogs, furniture, cotton, 47 pounds of tobacco, guns and farm implements as well as a parcel of books. Powell's marriage as well as the birth of his children is recorded in the Registry of Christ Church Parish, Middlesex Co, VA.

Cary Stamper b Jun 25, 1712 Middlesex Co, VA d Sep 2, 1720 Middlesex Co, VA

John Stamper b Oct 17, 1714 Middlesex Co, VA md Sarah Perrot

Susannah Stamper b Dec 19, 1715 Middlesex Co, VA

Jonathan Stamper b Apr 21, 1719

Letitia Stamper b Sep 22, 1723 Middlesex Co, VA

Kerah Stamper b Mar 21, 1724 Middlesex Co, VA

Jonathan Stamper b Apr 21, 1719 Middlesex Co, VA md Rachel Parks b Dec 3, 1733 King George Co, VA, (daughter of John Parks and Mary Sharp) d 1793, Wilkes Co, NC. Jonathan died 1799 Wilkes Co, NC. On March 7, 1763 Jonathan bought land in Amherst Co, VA from John Freeman and his wife, Abigail. Shortly thereafter Jonathan received a land patent, also in Amherst Co.

In 1766, Jonathan and his wife Rachel sold the land they had patented and sold more property in 1768, probably the same land purchased from the Freemans. By the early 1770's Jonathan Stamper was in Surry Co, NC, part of which later became Wilkes Co. He acquired land on Bugaboo Creek in Wilkes Co in 1780 by means of a State Grant. Jonathan had later land claims and seems to have settled eventually in the Roaring River section of Wilkes Co. Among his neighbors were a number of families who would eventually make their way into eastern Kentucky, including the Caudills, Turners, Sebastians, Whitakers and Adamses. Although Jonathan Stamper probably did not serbe directly in the cause for American freedom during the Revolution, at least three or four of his sons did, and some evidence exists that Jonathan himself helped supply horses and other supplies for use by the American militia.

Children of Jonathan Stamper and Rachel Parks


James Stamper b Nov 4, 1750

Joshua Stamper b ca 1753, Amherst Co, VA md Jane 'Jennie' Woodruff/Woodworth. Joshua died 1822 Clark Co, KY

Joel Stamper b May 17, 1755

Jonathan Stamper, Jr b 1757

Jesse Stamper b ca 1760 Amherst Co, VA md _____ Barbara. Jesse died Wilkes Co, NC

Jacob Stamper b Dec 15, 1762 Amherst Co, VA md ____ Susan. Jacob died 1834, Owen Co, KY

Frances Stamper b ca 1765

Susannah Stamper b Aug 22, 1767 Amherst Co, VA md John Pleasant Burton. Susannah died 1845, Lawrence Co, IN

 James Stamper

Joel Stamper

 Jonathan Stamper

Frances Stamper

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