June 20, 2000


Hello.....and Welcome to my homepage...

I am happy that you have stopped by....


For the past three years genealogy has been a big part of my life. It is on the verge of being an obsession.... (Can anyone relate?) The pleasure that comes from someone telling you that you were able to help them in some way with their information is such a reward. A dollar amount cannot apply.


I was born here in Breathitt County... a mile or so down the road. When I was a small child, my parents moved to Miamisburg, Ohio. Miamisburg will always be my 'hometown'. I went all twelve years of school here, graduating in 1965.... (come on; it wasn't that long ago:-)


My husband, Larry and I have three children; Karen, Bill and Joshua. Karen and her husband have four children and live in Dayton; Bill is single and living in Columbus. Joshua turned 18 last Christmas Eve and will graduate next year.


During our 34 years of marriage, we have lived in a lot of places. Savannah and Phoenix are two places I hold dear in my heart.


Three years ago, after a lot of 'downsizing' at Wright Patterson AFB, my husband and I decided to move here to Breathitt County. Larry loves the country. I can't say I felt the same after years of living in the 'big city'. During the first year, I think I would have gone back to the 'Burg in a heartbeat. But now, with each trip North, I find myself ready to come back home sooner; sometimes before making it to my destination North. I guess you could say I am finally adjusting. There are some things I will always miss, though... like the 10 minute drive to Kroger or Wal-mart. Here it is between a half hour and an hour drive....depending on which direction you go.


One thing that I am thankful for.... living here ..... are the resources for genealogy research. I am living in a 'goldmine'. So many Stamper ancestors were from right here in Breathitt and surrounding counties. I live among so many memories from my childhood, too. My grandparents lived here until I was almost in my teens.


Right after moving down here three years ago, I picked up a Kentucky Explorer. We had been getting them for years; but, Larry was the one that always read them from cover to cover. I could never figure out what was so interesting in those magazines. Looking through the magazine, I saw mention of a Stamper meeting in Knott County. After contacting the number in the article, it was all set. My mom and I would go the following week. I think we may have missed two meetings at most since that first one.


After a few months, we named our group ... The Stamper Family Association, Inc. Our meetings are held the first Saturday of the month (unless it is agreed beforehand to reschedule). We meet in Hindman (Knott County) at the Holly Hills Mini Mall in the restaurant at noon. If you are ever in the area and would like to join us, you are more than welcome to be with us. We love meeting our Stamper 'cousins'.


Geneva Stamper Hamilton is our President; Janallee Mullins is the Treasurer; and I am the Secretary.


Last April, I had the opportunity of receiving the Stamper website. I renamed it the Stamper Family Project. For months I was unable to do anything with the site, such as redoing the graphics and layouts of the page. Over the course of the past few months, though, with help from the director of the Breathitt County Library, Jeanette Shouse, I have learned how to do basic webdesign. Without Jeanette's help, I would still be staring at the screen.


Before I close, I would like to say to anyone researching our Stamper name.... come and check out the Breathitt County Public Library. They have one of the BEST genealogy sections around. I am not saying this because it is my 'home away from home'; but because it does have a wealth of information on the shelves.


I welcome any comments from visitors to the site. If you have ideas for improving the site, share them. The Stamper Family Project is for all Stampers and their families researching the Stamper name.


God Bless,


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