Stamper Family Project


 Stamper Family Association Members

Front Row: L-R Millie Cornett, Ruth Smith, Golden C Ferguson and Janallee Mullins.

Back Row: L-R Russell Sue Smith, Betty Lou Smith, Geneva C Smith, Virginia S Lowe, Glenna B Smith, James A Stamper, Geneva S Hamilton and Maxline S Combs

 The Stamper Family Association is a non profit organization devoted to researching and documenting Stamper genealogy. Between 14 - 16 members gather the first Saturday of the month at noon in the Knott's Landing Restaurant in the Holly Hills Mini Mall located in Hindman, Kentucky (Knott County). We welcome all Stamper family members or those interested in genealogy to join us... the WELCOME mat is out!!

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The Stamper Family Project is the property of

Golden Combs Ferguson
Booneville, Owsley County, Kentucky