Stamper Family Project
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Henry Lucien Stamper, age 91 (92 in Aug)

James Alvin Stamper (90) with Rubye Gwendolyn Stamper Hughes,
my mother


Stamper Hall, Lincoln University

 June 22, 2003

Hi Golden,

I was particularly interested in trying to trace the John Stamper listed in the Cherokee Connections on the Stamper website. Our family is mixed - the Hayes
side is Scottish, Cherokee and my great-grandmother was a mulatto. On the
Stamper side, my grandfather, James Monroe Stamper was mixed race,
Cherokee or Cherokee and white and his mother was white (believe it or not).
I have read however, that Georgia was one of the states where that was legal
way back when (something to do with indentured servants). That is why I am
trying to find out if there is a connection between that John Stamper on the
Dawes Roll listed on the website and my great-grandfather - John Henry Stamper. They all were from north GA (Chatooga County) which was in or near Cherokee Territory.

My grandfather, James Monroe Stamper, was a master brickmason and had 10 children. His father, John, was a farmer and owned his property free and
Had 12 children. My uncle Cletus Stamper, Ph.D. (deceased) was dean of the dept.
of Buisiness Administration at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, MO and there
is a new School of Economics building named for him - Stamper Hall.
The dedication was last fall.

I've attached a few pictures - Henry Lucien Stamper, age 91 (92 in Aug);
James Alvin Stamper (90) with Rubye Gewndolyn Stamper Hughes,
my mother (75); and a picture of Stamper Hall, Lincoln Univeristy.

Look forward to talking to you some more. Don't know if you are interested
in anything else since we would probably be pretty distant cousins. (smile)
God Bless,

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