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Richard and Harriet Moak White

Richard was the son of John Wesley and Nancy Stamper White

Richard White

Sent: Wednesday, October 14, 2009 11:55 AM
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Golden - here is some of the information that I have regarding the following Stampers:
2. Richard Stamper - I have his marriage date as 7 Mar 1799. This is from a family hand written genealogy - no other source. His wife, Sarah or sometimes referred to as Sally is the daughter of Thomas Arnett and Sarah Anderson? I found her parents names in Family Search and found the following will abstract from which I surmised that Sarah's maiden name was Anderson. See copy of will abstract from the following source:

Clark County, Kentucky Will Abstracts Will Book - II
Transcribed & submitted by Bonnie Snow
Source: Will Records of Clark County, Kentucky by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry

Thomas Arnett
My sons: Jacob, Thomas, and Samuel, null. My daughters: Nancy, Elizabeth, and Sally. Rachel and Polly, daughters of my son, null, null. My wife, Sarah .... money due us from Mother Anderson. Written: 9 July 1807. Witnesses: Jacob Dawson and Abigail Dawson. Probated: 23 May 1808

10. Nancy Stamper was married to John Wesley White on 1 Sept 1825 (source is the family hand written genealogy). I believe that he was born in New Jersey (based on his son's death certificate information).

30. Richard White - son of Nancy Stamper and John W White - middle initial is S not L. (based on gravestone and family info). He died 13 May 1910 in Cleves, Ohio and is buried in Maple Grove Cemetery in Cleves. I have his birth date as 8 Jun 1829 based on his death certificate.

I am attaching pictures of Richard White, Richard and his wife, Harriett Moak and a picture of their gravestone. I have additional data on their descendents if you want it. But let's start with this. Please let me know if this information was helpful.



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Subject: Stamper geneology


My name is Patricia Blank and I am the gggg granddaughter of Richard Stamper and Sally (Sarah) Arnett. I am researching my family history and just today discovered your Stamper Family Project. My line comes through Nancy Stamper who married John Wesley White. Their son, Richard, married Harriet Moak. Their daughter, Kate White married James EC Bellis. Their daughter, Laura married Adolph. Their daughter, Dorothy was my mother. (I apologize for not giving my mother's maiden name over the Internet!!) I have several dates that may be of interest to you.
First - you have Richard Stamper's birth date as 1779 and 1799. I believe his marriage date is 7 March 1799 based on the hand-written family history that I inherited. So the 1779 date makes sense as his birth year. I have other marriage and birth dates for this line if they are of interest to you.
Thank you for all of your research. Please let me know if you are interested in any further information that I might have.

Pat Blank

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