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Kenneth Stamper Linville; age 2 1/2 in 1918

Kenneth Stamper Linville

Estelle Stamper

Estelle Stamper (my great grandmother and Kenneth's mother).
She is in the center of the picture, and Kenneth is on the right.

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Hi Golden!!

What a coincidence. I just scanned a picture of my grandfather yesterday (for one of my son's high school projects). Here it is.... this is Kenneth Stamper Linville, son of Estelle Stamper and Edwin Linville. He was born in November of 1915, and died in November of 1994. He volunteered to serve during WWII and was in the 28th Infantry Division, and the Battle of the Bulge where he was injured and received a Purple Heart.

I have more pictures of the Stampers, but I'll have to look through them and scan them so it'll take some time. But I'm glad I have this one for you now, at least.

Take care,

Julie Christiansen

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Hi Golden,

How fantastic! Thank you so much, this helps me tremendously. And the pictures are great, too. How handsome he was...but it appears like all
the Stamper's are handsome people.

I do have a few pictures, of Estella "Sugar" Stamper, and her son together, my grandfather Kenneth Stamper Linville. I also have a picture
of Kenneth Stamper in his WWII uniform. He fought in the Battle of the Bulge and won several medals. I can mail you copies, if you'd like.

As for more information to share, it appears that you had more information than myself. I do recall that my father used to say that his grandmother, Estella, like to be called "Sugar". Unfortunately, I never got to meet her as she died Feb. 27, 1964, a few days after I was
born. What is ironic, is that "Sugar" died at St. Francis Hospital in L.A., the very same hospital that they took her son (my grandfather) after he'd had a massive heart attack on the golf course in 1994. Unfortunately, he wasn't revived and he died there also. Actually, we all think he died of a broken heart, as his wife of 58 years had died just two weeks before.

I certainly do not mind sharing my address and phone. Feel free to contact me at any time.

It was wonderful hearing from you. Take care now.


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