Stamper Family Project
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 Alcorn, Michelle S
Family of Larkin and Rachel Estes Stamper
Alvarez, Patricia
Grandfather, James Monroe Stamper 
 Barnes, Ginny
Elijah and Sarah Kate' Amburgey Stamper
 Berkheimer, Victoria
Memorial Service for Donald Berkheimer
 Blank, Pat
John Wesley and Nancy Stamper White
 Bowling, Stephen
Bowling Sisters
Brannock, Alisa
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Robert Boyd Stamper 
Brooks, Gary
John and Ada Stamper 
 Brown, Brenda
James C and Ruthena Ritchie Stamper
Burton, Cora
Mary Ellen Taulbee Stamper 
 Case, Ella
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Edward and Matilda Turner Stamper
 Christiansen, Julie
Kenneth Stamper Linville
Couch, Marti
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James Stamper 
 Fearneyhough, Kay
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George W Stamper (1856 - 1952)
 Ferguson, Golden
John Wesley and Agnes Turner Stamper
Finley, Grace
John and Helen Miller Stamper 
 Finn, Pauline
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Joseph and Susan Stamper Smith
Fitch, Pam Stamper
Robert and Louisa Stamper Stamper 
Gallagher, Ree
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Millard Fillmore Stamper 
Garza, Dorothy
John and Fannie Deaton Stamper 
 Gayheart, Billie Ruth
Dan and Doshia Strong Stamper
 Gillespie, Charles
 no email available
Joel Stamper; s/o Larkin and Edy W Stamper
 Goff, Sandy Smith
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Arch and Minerva Jane Richardson Stamper
 Gray, Chris W
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Belle Howard Stamper
 Griggs, Sherry
Margaret 'Maggie' Stamper Lackey
 Hackney, Simon
Looking for Billy Gene Stamper
 Hamilton, Bill
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George W and Catherine Dyer Stamper
Hazlett, Patricia
Jackson and Alice Turner Stamper 
 Hensley, Toby
Shelton and my grandfather (Goodloe)
 Hillhouse, Sharon
Elbert Granville Stamper
 Hizer, Bill
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Norman and Amanda Stamper Hizer
 Holbrook, Randall
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Ezekial and Hannah Erwin McGlone
 Holmes, Gloria Patrick
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Ray E Stamper
 Huff, Jeanette Stamper
Wm Perkin and Manda Caudill Stamper
 Hughes, J O
Elizabeth 'Betsy' Stamper
 Isaacs, Creeda
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Collection of Creeda Isaacs
 Isom, Barbara
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Calvin and Elizabeth Higgenbotham Stamper marker
Jodrey, Wilma
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Wolfe County Stamper connection 
Keck, Eva Stamper
Benjamin C and Ellen Frisby Stamper
Campbell and Martha Ann Peyton Stamper
 Kelly, Linda
Linda is the d/o Fred and Rosalie Stamper
Kilburn, Danny
Elvin Campbell and Eliza Stamper 
 Lawson, Pat
Ila 'Birch' Mays; Alexander C Mays;
James John Mays and Nancy Margaret Stamper
 Luzader, Brenda
Hiram Wylie Stamper; married 1- Mary Adams;
married 2- Lucy Ann Ramey
Manning, Chris
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Mary Jane Asbury, w/o George Stamper 
Gloria Marcum
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Dan and Doshia Strong Stamper 
 Maybury, Derre
George Washington Stamper; s/o 'Pewter' John -
married 3- Christina Riley / More
Mihaloew, Darlene
Edmond 'Ebb' and Sarah 'Sally' Stamper Stidham;
and son, Jeremiah / Breathitt Co
 Perkins, Bernard
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Jesse (b1876) and Caroline Stamper
 Rackley, Annita
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William Hiram Whisman
Rayburn, Lewis
Lewis Napoleon Rayburn and Mary Alice Stamper on their wedding day 
Sims, Rita
Gr parents Isaac and Ruth Fox Stamper.
Funeral card / death cert for brother, Elijah
 Shafer, JudiaA
Edward and Millie Stamper Fugate
 Shivley, Marilyn
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William B. Stamper (b July 21, 1813)
Stamper Association
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 Founding Members 
 Stamper, Bernard
Bernard R and Georgia Stamper
Stamper, David
Missouri Stampers 
Stamper, Dorene
Grandaughter of William Crittendon 'Vie' and
Martha Ellen Moore Stamper
 Stamper, Douglas
Uncle Stephen Stamper will be 100 years
March 26, 2007
 Stamper, James A
Grandfather, Marion Stamper
Burial marker of Jno Jr. and wife Mary Davis
Stamper, Jesse
Gr gr grandparents, Enoch
and Ida Mae Crowe Stamper
 Stamper, John Wesley
Richard and Emaline Horn Stamper
 Stamper, Leslie Martin
Richard and Emaline Horn Stamper
 Stamper, Linda
John B and Mary Disney Stamper
 Stamper, Lloyd
Arthur, Lloyd, Abraham and Arthur
 Stamper, Lynn
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John Stamper and the Australian Connection
Stamper, Robert K
Robert Stamper Family - Desc of Charles Sebron and Margaret Welch Stamper 
 Stamper, Rodney
Descendant of
Madison 'Bad Mat' Stamper
 Stamper, Sam
James and Emma Deaton -
Faye's grandparents on her father's side
Stamper, Stephen
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Asa and Amanda Davidson Stamper 
 Stamper, Steve
Abney L Stamper; Unknown picture
 Stamper, Tom
1 - Woodside Cemetery, Middletown, OH
2 - Henry and Lulu Fisher Stamper Brown
Stamper, Valerie
Stamper Grandfather 
 Stamper, Will
William Stamper; Tucson, AZ
Stamper, William Rex 'Bill'
William Hiram and Edna Mae Stamper 
Jim Stampher
no email available
James Roy Leonard Stamper Family 
 Staten, Carol
John S and Mary Ann Stamper Barker
 Tabor, Michael
Michael's photo from Sept 1994 Time
Tipton, Betty Stamper
Joseph C Tipton and the mules 
 Turner, Steve
no email available
Joseph Raleigh & Polly Stamper
 Unknown Stampers
Can anyone share any info on this family?
Hiram Stamper Family
Wagers, Bernie
McCellan and Amanda Taulbee Stamper 
 White, Cheryl
Albert Stamper
 Williams, Gloria
Grandparents, Brutus and Liza Stamper
Census Day - shared by Betty Estep and Vivian Moon 
 Pictures are from 'A FAMILY PORTRAIT'
by Kate Stamper Wilhite and Betty Littleton
Moberly, Missouri ... 1987
 Stamper Family Association
Stamper Family Reunions
1999 - 2010
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