Stamper Family Project
  Shared by Golden Combs Ferguson
 John Wesley Stamper

This is my gr gr grandfather.
John was married to (1)Agnes 'Aggie' Turner; (2) Nancy Bowling, both of Breathitt County, KY
If you look close enough, you can
see a 'twinkle in his eye ... just
wondering what he was thinking :-)
 This is my grandfather, Pearl Stamper. Beside him is his sister, Jalia;
and seated is their father,
William Stamper. This was the
last time 'Bill' had his feet on the
ground. Jalia was grandpa's only
sibling. She married Charlie Gilbert,
a brother to Lydia ... my grandmother!

 Pearl and Lydia's mothers. My great grandmothers.
Left - Jennie Belle Spicer Stamper
Right - Loudemia Riley Gilbert

Jennie Belle was the d/o
Andrew Jackson Spicer
and Mary Watts
Loudemia was the d/o
'Gransir' John Riley and Lydia Rice

 This is Elijah 'Lige' Stamper;
son of John Wesley and 2nd wife,
Nancy Bowling ... md to Amanda Amis.
 This is my grandpa, Pearl Stamper;
and his youngest son, John Wess;
and the mules ... Kate and Nell (?)
 This is my great grandmother, Loudemia Riley Gilbert
and 'moi' ... My mom told me that whenever she
changed my diaper, she would sit one leg of the chair
on my dresstail so I could not get away ... how funny!
 These are my grandparents,
Pearl and Lydia Gilbert Stamper.
Everyone should have grandparents like mine ... (and may have ... :-)). My grandmother never had an ill word for anyone. Grandpa had the kindest heart; and loved his family!
Maxline Stamper and Jacie Combs.
Jacie Combs is the s/o Goley and Adinah Combs Combs
and ... me ... Golden 
Morris Fork School

Morris Fork Church
Buckhorn Presbyterian Church

'Lige's Store'
Still standing .... about 1 mile from the intersection of 315/30 (going towards Booneville, Owsley County); across
the road from the Stamper Cemetery.

 This was 'Lige's Store' I remember my grandpa driving his team of horses and sled down the creekbed; onto the
graveled road down to Lige's. He would always get me a 5 cent Baby Ruth candybar or a cup of Chappell's ice
cream; and I would ride home sitting on the 50lb bags of flour, etc.

Stamper Cemetery - Rt 28, Long's Creek; Breathitt County, KY

Lewis Stamper was the s/o John Wesley and 1-Agnes Turner Stamper

Elijah Stamper was s/o John Wesley and 2-Nancy Bowling Turner Stamper



Mahala Helton Sandlin was the sister of Matilda Helton
married to Joel Stamper
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