Stamper Family Project
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Robert Stamper

B Sept 13, 1892; D Jan 28, 1973....s/o William Stamper and Polly Ann Bowling; s/o Jonathan Stamper, Jr and Nancy Turner; s/o Jonathan Stamper and Mary 'Polly' Sebastian.

Louisa 'Eliza' Stamper

B Oct 26, 1896; D Mar 3, 1944; d/o Sigel Stamper and America Arrowood; s/o Margaret P Stamper; d/o Joel Stamper and Mary 'Polly' Turner; s/o Richard Stamper and Martha 'Patsy' Carter;
s/o Joel Stamper and Nancy Cannady.

Robert and Louisa are Pam's grandparents

Evaline Stamper, d/o Jonathan Stamper and Nancy Turner
Enoch Watts - Family of seven children

This is to confuse everyone more .... :- ))

Enoch Watts was 1/2 brother to Jennie Belle Spicer
(my great grandmother). Enoch and Jennie Belle had
the same mother; different father. Enoch married
Evaline Stamper. Jenny Belle married William Stamper.

Evaline and William Stamper were children of Jonathan Stamper and Nancy Turner.Enoch was the son of Mary Watts and James Little. Jennie Belle was the daughter
of Mary Watts and Andrew Jackson Spicer.

1/2 siblings married siblings ... just thought
I'd throw that in there .... :- )) Golden

America Arrowood Stamper Yarber
and Lucinda 'Sinda' Arrowood Roberts
daughters of
George Washington and Lucinda Turner Arrowood

Louisa Turner Arrowood and Polly Ann Bowling Stamper
Louisa - d/o Samuel and Sarah Herald Turner
Polly Ann - d/o Elijah and Zilpha Bowling Stamper

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