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 John Andrew Stamper, s/o John Ellsberry and Caroline Richardson, b June 10, 1872, Powell Co, KY, md Sept 5, 1895,
Fanny Deaton, b Feb 14, 1876, Lee Co, KY, d Sept 27, 1964, Gabbard Cemetery, Lee Co, KY.
John died Aug 25, 1960, Lee Co, KY. Caroline Richardson was John Andrew's mother, but she never married
per Dr Bill Wallace and Ruth Stamper.
(Fr Eastern Kentucky Stamper Kin: Some Descendants of James, Jonathan and Joel Stamper; page 96)


John & Fannie Deaton Stamper


One name could be wrong. My aunt and uncle
are still arguing over it.



Fannie, Johnie Stamper

Emma Stamper Ogans and Annie Stamper

Clay Stamper 



Henry Stamper


Emma (Stamper) Ogans, Henry Stamper, w/o Carl Ogans (Dorothy Stamper)


Albert Stamper s/o Fannie (Deaton)
and John Stamper

 I recently looked at some old photo's of my uncles'.
There was a picture in the pile that really looked interesting.
It was from about 1900; a family of 5 posed. He could not remember who the people were.

Since they were my grandmothers pictures I thought it could
very well be Stampers. To me it favored some of the
Stampers of Fillmore, Kentucky; especially one of my father's cousins who visited years ago called Bill Stamper.

I am related to Emma Ogans, (my grandmother). Her mother
was Fannie Deaton married to John Stamper on
Sept. 5, 1895 (Fillmore Ky). I am forwarding this picture
on to you. Maybe someone would know who it was.

Dorothy (Ogans) Garza

I believe I have copied most that would be of interest. Have I sent you the picture of a family in the early 1920's.
My uncles aren't sure who they are; but think it is Elsie Stamper and James Everett Childers. Would you know of
anyone who might possibly be able to ID. Let me know...I will scan and send . ........Dorothy (Ogans) Garza
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