Stamper Family Project
 Shared by Patricia Pearson Hazlett
(My mother was Edith Stamper, d/o Curt Stamper, s/o Jackson Stamper).
 Henry Turner and Bettie
Wesley Turner, Haney and Julia 
Nancy Bowling Turner Stamper 


*Jackson and Alice Turner Stamper


**See note to right
**I think this is a picture of Arvie Sebastian, Litha Sebastian Stamper's sister. I don't
know who she was married to; but think it
was a Turner. They always called her
'big Arvie' because their sister Julie named
one of her daughters Arvie. The boy may be Arvie's son, Archie (who was deaf); and
I think the young girl is my mother,
Edith Stamper Pearson.
*I think that Henry Turner and Wesley Turner were uncles to Malinda 'Aunt Sis' Turner who married Elisha Sebastian.
Elisha and Malinda were Ruther Sebastian and Haney Sebastian's parents; who, of course were Arva, Litha and Julia's parents.
The reason I think that Henry and Wesley were uncles to Malinda Turner is because Malinda Turner's father was Henderson Turner
(md to Susan Sebastian) and Henry and Wesley had a brother named Henderson.
Would like to know more about this line of Turners...... PPH


Curt Stamper


This is Edgar Stamper, son of Curt Stamper and Litha Sebastian 

Curt and Litha Sebastian Stamper 

Hiley Stamper Sebastian, Curt Stamper and Rose Stamper Johnson in the early 1970's. I think this was the day of my grandmother Litha Stamper's funeral. Hiley and Rose's husbands had already passed away at this time......PPH

This is a picture of my mother, Edith Stamper Pearson and my father, Erman Pearson. On my mother's lap is my brother, Doyle; my sister, Phyllis in the middle; and I am on the right. ...... PPH 

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