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  Saturday, July 01, 2000
Hi Golden:
I had been looking to find the graves of my
Great Grandparents Isaac D. and Mary Polly Stamper ever since I have been interested in genealogy. They are burried in the Stamper Cemetery at the mouth of Colly Creek in
Letcher county right next to my Grandparents
Moses and Judie Caudill Stamper. I should have remembered but I Left there in 1955.
Here is the info.
Isaac D. Stamper
b. Sept. 19, 1816 d. Sept. 27, 1875.
Mary Polly Stamper
b. Feb.1815 d. Feb. 4, 1864.
I am sending you a picture of the Headstones.
That is my nephew in the picture.
Take Care. Jeanette

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