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Creeda Isaacs

Letcher Co, KY
 David Sturgill and Dakota Honeycutt Sturgill    Rosanie Sturgill Baker and daughters, Mary Jane Baker Merach and
Brenda Gail Baker Bentley.
Roosevelt Honeycutt
Douglas Yonts, Edsel Baker, Coolie Baker and Clester Isaacs

Calvin 'Coolie' Baker; s/o Roosevelt and Claughn 'Kylone' Sturgill Baker … married to Janice Isaacs Baker; father of Kathy Baker Adams and Katina Baker
 Calvin 'Coolie' Baker b 1-25-1938 Picture taken Dec 19, 1994 at the First Baptist Church, Whitesburg, Ky at daughter, Katina's wedding to Tony Benton    Calvin 'Coolie' and Janice Isaacs Baker … Dec 1999
  Tony Benton and wife, Katina Dove Baker Benton, and daughter, Ashley Shea Benton   
Creeda and son, Randy Isaacs … Taken at their home in Tiffin, Ohio
Isaac Family November 1975 - Clester, Creeda, Sharon and Randly Lee
Shari and Randy Isaacs 1982 - Children of Clester and Creeda
Clester and Creeda Isaacs - Dec 1999
Standing - Jimmy Dean Adams, Kathy Lynn Baker Adams and Katina Dove Baker. Seated - Janice Isaacs Baker (holding Nikkia Danzel Adams) and Calvin 'Coolie' Baker August 1989

Judy's wedding in Beckley, Wva - Back - Janice Baker, Katina Benton and Kathy Adams - Front - Amanda Holbrook and Nikkia Adams
 Clester Isaacs, Creda Joyce Baker Isaacs, Jennifer Stansberry Isaacs, Randall Lee Isaacs. The little girl is Amanda Celeste Holbrook. Sharon Kylone Isaacs Holbrook, Gregory Holbrook and Jason Gregory Holbrook  Randy Isaacs
and Jennifer Stansberry

Randall Lee Isaacs and Jennifer Stansberry 
 Creda, Clester, Jennifer, Randy and Jared Isaacs - July 24, 1999  Ethan Carson (3 yrs) and Jared (7 yrs) - Children of Randy and Jennifer Stansberry Isaacs  Ethan Carson and Jared Cameron Isaacs. Grandchildren of Clester and Creda Isaacs of Deane, Ky; and Tommy and Billie Stansberry, Mayking, Ky.
 Edsel Baker and Clester Isaacs - December 1994  Edsel and Carrol Hatton Baker and son, Keith Eric Baker  Kathy, Nikkia and Jimmy Adams - Christmas 1999
 Nikkia D Adams, Jason Holbrook and Amanda Holbrook - Dec 1999  Greg and Jason Holbrook -
April 1995
 Greg and Sharon Isaacs Holbrook - June 7, 1980
 Tina Smith and Jason Gregory Holbrook - May 20, 2006 Tina and Jason are engaged and will marry November 2006 - Gregory is the s/o Sharon Kylone Isaacs Holbrook; d.o Clester and Creda Joyce Baker Isaacs  Jack and Geneva Ratliff Sturgill - 1988  LeeAnna Mullins, w/o Edd Mullins - Oct 2004
 Sturgill Reunion - August 13, 1978 - Rosie Fields, Felicia Fields, and Roseanna McCray. Hoffa Banks holding Jody Breeding Grant, Wallace, Jack and Manis Sturgill; sons of David and Dakota Honeycutt Sturgill  Polly Hart, Hoffa Banks and Juanita Adams. Katina Baker in foreground - August 13, 1978 
Rosie Fields, Magalena Breeding, Jody Breeding, Barbara Sturgill, Brandon Webb and Geneva Sturgill - August 13, 1978  Roger Collins, Trenda Kincer, Sarah Fields and Bessie Sturgill - 1982   Wallace, Jack, Manis and Noah Sturgill - verify with Creeda who the third person is … Wallace (as stated)
or Manis (looks like #31)
Juanita Adams, Geneva Sturgill, Rosanna McCray, Sarah Jane Fields and Martha Sturgill  Manis Sturgill, Wallace Sturgill, Juanita Sturgill Adams, Jack D Sturgill, Rosanna Sturgill McCray, Noah Dennis Sturgill and Sarah Sturgill Fields - children of David and Dakota Honeycutt Sturgill   Standing left to right - Manis Sturgill, Geneva Sturgill, Wallace Sturgill, Bessie Sturgill, Martha Sturgill, Jack Sturgill, Rosanna McCray, Noah Sturgill and Sarah Fields. Juanita Adams is kneeling in front.
Wallace Sturgill, Fontella Sturgill Hall, Everett 'Reb' Hall, Jason Hall and Dennis 'Noah' Sturgill - 1982   Havanna Adams, Matilda Swearengin, Tina Baker and Sarah Belle Adams -
Honeycutt Reunion 1982
Noah Dennis Sturgill and Jack Dempsey Sturgill -
Honeycutt Reunion - Sept 2, 1990
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