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My name is Danny Kilburn. Going thru my mother's pictures (she passed dec 24th) and I have found a few Pictures of stampers. My background. I was born oct 3 1948 Stamper Fork, Canoe Ky. My grandfather was Elvin Campbell married to Eliza Stamper. They are buried in Bud Bowling cemetery with two of their children Willie and daughter Clara. Their house was located at the bottom of the mountain of the cemetery. You could actually see their house from the top of the mountain. My father is Levi Kilburn and mother Julia (Campbell) Kilburn. The pictures I have are of Pollyann , Lilliebell, and Chester Stamper, My mother, and grandparents. If they are of any use I could send them to you. My grandparents were taken up to the cemetery with a horse and sled. There was no road.Last time I was there was Nov 1975 when my grandfather Elvin Campbell passed. My grandmother Eliza Stamper Campbell passed Nov 1953. I understand there is a road now. I do plan to revisit the area this summer. I live in Swartz Creek Mi. How are you related?


 This is my grandparents house seen from the bud bowling cemetery. The sled in the foreground was used to take my grandmother up the mountain when she passed Eliza Stamper Campbell;
d/o Henry and Armina Raleigh Stamper
Elvin (Elihu) Campbell
s/o Stephen and Julianne Noble Campbell
Lillie Belle Stamper
d/o Henry and Armina Raleigh Stamper

My mother, Julia Campbell Kilburn
d/o Elvin and Eliza Stamper Campbell
 This was in my mothers bible
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