Stamper Family Project
Shared by Derre Maybury


Washington 'Wash' Stamper,
s/o 'Pewter' John and Sarah Sallie Stamper.
He was md three times; the last being
to Christina Riley from Lewis Co, Ky

Christina Riley Stamper


Stella Stamper d/o Washington and Christina Stamper. She married 1st Ernest William; 2nd Cecil Newman



Charley Stamper and Raymond McGlone



 Grandad and Kate


Charles Harrison Stamper


Tish was the wife of Charles Harrison Stamper (son of Washington and Christina Riley Stamper); and the daughter of Amster B 'Bee' and Susan Jane 'Jane' Sutherland McGlone. Tish rode sidesaddle and had beautiful auburn hair. She won several Blue Ribbons at the county fair for her quilting, embroidery and tatting.



 Ethel Stamper Southworth


Final Reckoning with his owner, Derre Maybury.
This picture was taken in Bahrain of one of my
racehorses. He came in 1st in his first race.

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