Stamper Family Project
Shared by James A Stamper
This photo is of my grandfather, Marion Stamper and twelve of his thirteen children. One son was deceased at the time.
Marion Stamper was born in Wise Co., VA in 1856 and died in 1953 at the age of 97. He was the son of Joseph Stamper
and Malinda Phipps Stamper of Ashe Co., NC and the great grandson of Jonathan Stamper, Jr. and Mary Davis Stamper.

Last Sept. I made a trip to North Carolina, and while there I visited the original farm owned by Jonathan Stamper, Jr.,
son of Jonathan and Rachel Parks Stamper. The little burial plot on this land is the burial place of Jonathan Jr. and
wife Mary Davis. The descendants collected money a few years ago and erected a marker.

[This is a] photograph I took of that marker. I'm sure there are descendants of Jonathan Jr. who visit the web site
who have never had a chance to visit the cemetery in person.

The location of the cemetery is just off Rt. 18, south of Sparta in Alleghany Co., NC, about one
mile from the community of Laurel Springs.

Courtesy of James A Stamper May,1998

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