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Ancestors of Ida Mae Crowe 
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Jonah Crowe and Family 
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Nathan and Elizabeth Peters Arvin
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Jonah and Melissa Ann Crowe; and son, William
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John S Crowe
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Melissa and Jonah Crowe

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Jonah Crowe and Melissa Arvin Crowe

  Ancestors of Jonah Jesse Crowe - Descendants of Jonah Jesse Crowe
Ancestors of Melissa Ann Arvin
Nathaniel Arvin, Ida Crowe, Jim Lamb, and Nettie Crowe

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From: Jesse Stamper
Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2007 1:23 PM
Subject: Fw: Jesse Toliver

Please note: forwarded message attached

here is a deed involving Jesse Toliver that someone sent me awhile back.

I am also attaching the 3rd page of the Bible record which I found on my computer. As you can see, the quality of the photocopy is pretty poor. It is legible, but barely. I had to clean up the images before posting them or the file sizes would have been huge. No one wants to go to a website and have their computer get hung up download a 2 megabyte image! Anyway, as I recall, I spent a lot of time trying to clean up the image of this page, but it was hopeless.

I looked for any other original scans on my computer but I could only find Bible page 3. I must have deleted the other scans at some point from my computer. That's okay, I will scan them again tomorrow at work.

Rebecca (  

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