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John Wesley Stamper

Standing .. Ashley and John, Jr
Pollyanna and John

I was born December, 1963 in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. My parents, Lois Jane Dewitt and Max Leroy Stamper were both born in Logansport, Indiana. We moved to Phoenix, Arizona for a couple years; then to Atlanta, Georgia. We stayed in Georgia until I was 13;
and then back to Phoenix. My Grandfather, Mack Wesley Stamper lived in Phoenix with his 2nd wife, Nora Bixler; also from Indiana.

I left Arizona when I was 18. I lived in Utah, Arkansas, Indiana, Maryland and Florida. I met my wife, Pollyanna Brown and fell in
love instantly. I now have a son, John Wesley Stamper, Jr; 17; and a daughter, Ashley Nicole Stamper; 15.

My father died of cancer April of 1999. That is when I realized I knew nothing of my family history. I now cannot stop looking.
I descend from Richard Stamper and Emaline Horn; my gr gr grandparents. My grandfather was John Wesley Stamper and his
second wife, Cora Delina Lane.

Genealogy is now an obsession I cannot get away from. My name is John Wesley Stamper. I live in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 

From left to right .... Nannie Green Stamper and Loudicia Nadine Stamper (married to a Webster; and a Zacharius);
(with her arm resting on the shoulder of the lady to her left); which is Hattie Stamper. (Hattie married William Willis).
Standing to Hattie's left is Chester Arthur Stamper and Benjamin Harrison Stamper.
Front row L to R: Nettie Stamper (married to Gabe Fugate); Unknown child sitting in her lap; To Nettie's left is her father,
Richard Stamper. Richard is holding in his lap, Ulyssis S Grant Stamper. Sitting to Richard's left is his wife, Emaline Horn Stamper.
Standing to Emaline's left is Nemi Stamper. (Nemi married Vernon B Wade).

Shared with John W Stamper by his cousin, Leslie Martin Stamper
Richard Stamper
1778 - 1850

Emaline Horn; wife of Richard Stamper
 Emaline Horn Stamper

John B Stamper
1813/14 - aft 1880

  Tabitha Jones/Stamper
1816 - aft 1880
1813/14 - aft 1880

Francis M Stamper
1840 - 1912
Sydney Stamper,
son of John Wesley and
Fannie Mae Willis Stamper
Ora Stamper

Max Leroy Stamper in 1963
Dean and Pat Stamper
Dean is the son of Ora Stamper

John Stamper,
s/o John Wesley and Polly Stamper
John Stamper and Toby Keith

Toby greeting his fans; and likewise ..... :- ))

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