Stamper Family Project
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Richard Stamper and Emaline Horn Family
From left to right .... Nannie Green Stamper and Loudicia Nadine Stamper (married to a Webster; and a Zacharius);
(with her arm resting on the shoulder of the lady to her left); which is Hattie Stamper. (Hattie married William Willis).
Standing to Hattie's left is Chester Arthur Stamper and Benjamin Harrison Stamper.
Front row L to R: Nettie Stamper (married to Gabe Fugate); Unknown child sitting in her lap; To Nettie's left is her father,
Richard Stamper. Richard is holding in his lap, Ulyssis S Grant Stamper. Sitting to Richard's left is his wife, Emaline Horn Stamper.
Standing to Emaline's left is Nemi Stamper. (Nemi married Vernon B Wade).

Richard Stamper

Emaline Horn Stamper
Emaline Horn Stamper
Stamper Homeplace

Houston Horn and E T Shepherd
(br/o Emaline Horn)

Nona Stamper,
d/o Lewis and Barbara Stamper
Lewis; s/o Richard and Emaline
John W Stamper

Rell Stamper 

Rell, Frances and Charlene
 Daisey Stamper; d/o John Wesley and Fannie Mae Willis Stamper .. married to Ralph G Short

Daisey Stamper 
Clay Stamper
Morris Bill Stamper;
s/o John Wesley and
(1) Fannie Mae Willis Stamper

Mack Stamper, s/o John Wesley and
(2) Cora Delina Lane Stamper
Max Leroy Stamper

Max Stamper 
John Wesley Stamper 

Nettie Stamper Fugate 

Lawrence and Emaline
Hattie and Emaline

Benjamin Stamper;
s/o Richard / Emaline Horn Stamper

 L side .. Benjamin and Louise Rowland Stamper,
and Nemie Stamper Wade holding Sandra Wade
Leslie Stamper and Robert M

 Leslie Martin Stamper

Wives of Stampers
  Loudice Stamper  
Ulysses S Grant Stamper
 U S Grant and Benjamin Stamper, unidentified lady, Emaline Horn Stamper
and unidentified man
L-R Nemie and Vernon B Wade;
children; Sylvia and Norman
Sylvia Lee Wade

Nemie Stamper Wade
and dau, Sylvia Lee

Lewis Stamper 

Joyce Ellen Stamper Lovett
 Samantha Marie
Leslie Martin Stamper 
Me and the boys
 The Martins
Norman Wade Family
Bruce Stamper Family

John Leslie Stamper 
Leslie Martin Stamper
Joan Stamper
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